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Projects that I am Working on

This first bag was a skirt for my daughter that was to short, so I turned it into a tote bag.

The bag below is a reversible Spring Tote Bag with various views. I purchased a yard of the pink fabric for $1.00 and the white was from a disassembled bed skirt. Very thrifty if I must say so myself. Both of these are a work in progress. The Spring tote was started last night.

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8 thoughts on “Projects that I am Working on

  1. Fatiah I have been purposely searching the interent for ways to reuse all items. I try and see if someone else can use it if I can’t. I guess it’s just my way of cutting down on waste.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  2. That is crafty of you to make a tote bag out of the skirt. I have always been quick in throwing things iso recycling them. One of the bloggers made t-shirts quilt from unused t-shirts and someone made a quilt out of the husband’s old shirt. Now I will stop and think before throwing or giving them away. Glad I get to know you people.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Hadias, you are amazing with all the things you’ve been sewing lately! I know for a fact I was sticking to pillows, curtains & the like for a while before I attempted anything like a lined tote bag. I’m very impressed…keep up the great work.



  4. It looks like you are putting your sewing machine to good use!


  5. Cute! I love the black one from the skirt. Very clever!


  6. Are you sure you’ve never sewn before! 😉 Great job. I really like the one recreated from your daughter’s skirt.


  7. You are sooo creative! I’m glad you finally got your sewing machine–you’re definitely putting it to great use!


  8. Earthmommy says:

    Those are really cute! You really are creative and frugal! I love the one made from the skirt.


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