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I Knew From The Start…

that home schooling our children was a temporary thing. Then why when my husband recently discussed with me that it was time for them to return to public school did I immediately feel defeated?

Somewhere in my mind I had begun to imagine that if I could prove to him that our home environment was better than that of the public school…that he would allow me to home school through high school.

Now understand that my husband is very straight forward and operates based on facts. So in no way did he lead me to believe that I would be allowed to home school forever. He stated from the very beginning that we would bring the children home to in order to rectify the defiance that we had been experiencing with our teen. We wanted to make easier the stress that our teen was experiencing due to peer pressure and to reestablish her faith in God and her family.

She had pulled away, but all that is changed now. She again turns to us for counsel and has regained a love for the things of God.

So why send her back to public school?

We send her back so that she will learn how to maintain her faith in God despite her circumstances. My husband assured me that her faith will grow when she is able to test the word of God in real life situations, versus the environment that we create for her at home. And I trust him with my most precious possessions. Our children. So now…he does believe that we have created a better environment for our children.

My experience with home schooling allows me to create a safe challenge free environment for my children. I control who they come into contact with and how much interaction they have with friends. I allow them to participate in events where I am assured that the number of church goers will outnumber the non-church goers, etc., etc…

But is this reality?

Maybe for some, but for me it’s not. As a believer I have had to learn to choose my company wisely. I’ve had to muster the courage to share the Gospel to unbelieving friends and family, even when they have attempted to challenge my beliefs. I have suffered ridicule, alienation and rejection and my children will to. We believe that they need to learn to thrive in spite of their environment.

As a mom I don’t want them to be teased or rejected. Lord knows I don’t. But as a Christian, I think that I will do them a far greater disservice if I don’t allow them to exercise their spiritual muscles. They must be challenged in order to learn how to stand on the infallible word of God. Will I allow my children to be bullied…heck no. But I will guide them in learning how to deal with the challenges…yes. I will.

Now this doesn’t mean that we will never home school again. We have reassured the children that if ever they decide that they want to be home schooled we will certainly take on the task. But we are trusting that God has done some awesome things in the life of our teen that will equip her to deal with challenges in a different way than before. In addition my younger children have also been able to glean an educational foundation built upon Christian principles that will be invaluable to them and their future.

So as I wind down our final school term, I look forward to the rest of the time that I have with my 5, 7 and 14 year old. I plan our days more purposefully now; knowing that in the fall, the house will be so quiet during the days with just me and my toddler at home. This will be a new chapter of my life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me.

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12 thoughts on “I Knew From The Start…

  1. Hadias, you must let the Lord guide you and your husband in this decision. We don’t know if we will always homeschool now, as we haven’t always in the past, but are ever listening to God. Sometimes the season we are in changes and He moves us, even though He is unmoving and unchanging. God bless you for all you have taught your children and I know you will continue to teach them even when they aren’t in “school” with you!

    God bless,


  2. Thank you very much Angi. I am very prayerful right now concerning my fears.

    My biggest fear is that one or all of my children would forsake their faith in God.

    I am being challenged right now because I believe that the world can be a harsh place to be Christian if you are not totally convinced that Gods word is true.

    I am really walking my faith and not by sight. Be in prayer for my children, especially my teen daughter.

    Thank you for visiting.


  3. We are already attending a church. It is lacking in the area of counseling though. Long story short, we went to counseling at our church but all of a sudden they were no longer available. No calls to see how we were doing, nothing. We were doing fine (grace of God) so I wasn’t really bothered. Then I has having a hard time dealing and ended up calling another pastoral staff that I felt comfortable with and knew that cared about us. Things are well- but I have my moments where I wish I had someone from the pastoral staff calling to see how I’m/we are doing. A friend suggested we find another church but hubby doesn’t feel God calling us to leave. So only the 2 pastoral couples and one of my girlfriends know the situation. And that girlfriend is going through her own marital situation also. I just asked God this morning to bring me/us a couple that have been through the same thing. According to the statistics, there are tons of couples that have been through this, but I just don’t know who.
    Once I get myself to walk steady again with the Lord, I can then work on my child’s spiritual well being.


  4. ~ Angi :) says:

    Oh, Hadias! may the Lord strenghten you as you and your family transitions into a new place. I know you and your husband’s parenting instincts, coupled with the Lord’s direction through the Word of God will serve His purposes for you well. May His Kingdom light shine through your children as they represent Him in a new environment! 🙂


  5. Saph, thank you for sharing. If you are not already attending a church, begin to pray that God will help you and your husband find a church that can meet your spiritual needs.

    We all need to be around other believers and also have a place where we can be encouraged when we are struggling.

    It would also help to open yourself up to an opportunity to connect with other Christain wives who can be an encouragement.

    I am so very blessed to have some wonderful sisters in Christ that have helped me make to it through some of the storms of my marriage.

    In addition, we don’t really understand tha world of hurt that we do to our children when we don’t introduce them to God at an early age.

    The differences become very apparent as they grow older. We didn’t provide for our oldest childs spiritual needs early on. We thought that because we attended church that that was enough.

    We didn’t teach her to love God from a little child. We thought that we were fulfilling our duty by taking her to church. We later found out that much of what was said never penetrated. We as her parents should have been telling her (at home) about Gods great love and of the wonderful stories of the Bible.

    We dropped the ball and are reaping the harvest of our ignorance. Please don’t make the same mistake.


  6. I’d like to say I hope my family will be like yours. We have been through some things the last 2 years. I’ve been struggling to get back with the Lord ever since the devastating news I found out last year. Only through the grace of God are we still married today. But I’ve been struggling with my relationship with the Lord ever since. We have a 3yr old and we haven’t been training her as christians should. Thank you for sharing your stories.


  7. Awww, Hadias. I know it is hard. You’ve got to make the best decision for your family, and you know when they are ready! I just posted about ps vs hs on my blog! (((Hugs)))


  8. HopewellMomSchool says:

    I, too, had to face public school again. It’s been hard, but I have been surprised as much as by what my kids have rejected as by what they’ve embraced. On the whole the home influence has won out. Considering my kids are 13 and 12 now and have only been in a Christian home for 5 years come May, I’d say it’s proof of God’s protection.

    I know the pain you are experiencing for I experience it each day. I want to be with my kids, to guide them and show them God’s world. It’s hard to step back and let them LIVE their faith and values knowing that they WILL stumble–just as God planned–so that they will learn to lean on him.
    I will be praying for you and your family. The kids can “go forth” and be a good influence in their schools, too. The public schools need EVERY Christian parent they can get to be a presence in them.

    Praying for you,


  9. Earthmommy says:

    As I read this post I just wanted to give you a big hug. Your concern for your children and your desire to keep homeschooling come through very strongly and as a mom I know I would have a lot of difficulty with your situation.


  10. Thank you Bethany. I have a very protective personality which leads me to shelter my children from as much as I can. But I am so blessed to have my husband who balances me out.

    I can’t quite verbalize what my husband said to convince me to send the children back to public school. But I do remember him speaking so softly, while reassuring me that he wants to protect them just as much as I do. He assured that protecting them is his goal. By slowly nudging them out of the nest to strengthen their wings he said that he is preparing them for when they will be on their own. When that time comes they will be able to overcome any challenges that they may face when they enter college.


  11. It sounds bittersweet, knowing that you’ve prepared your children well, and watching them become stronger on their own, but also having to give up something you enjoy doing so much and miss them. It’s nice to see you’re looking to the sweeter parts of it. So often, people complain over the bitter parts and overlook benefits. You’re a good example to me.


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