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Challanges of Raising Teens

The Bible makes many references to children who cause their parents anguish because of their behavior.

References such as, children who forsake the instruction of their parents and demonstrate disdain for any efforts on the part of the parent to win their children’s hearts. When your pre-teen or teen no longer desires to give you their heart continue to pursue it. Pursue it simply because through wisdom and experience, you understand how it is to be a teen.

You know what it is to want to be free from restraint. You remember how you once felt that the whole world was available to appease your childish desires for a life filled with uninhibited fun.

Human beings are naturally selfish. We want what we want and this fact is no different for our teens. They do not desire authority and often times look upon the people in authority as their enemies.

Right now you are keeping them from having the fun filled life that they want. Your parental boundaries keep them locked in a cage (according to them).

Teens lack the wisdom to know that one day they will thank you. They cannot see that many of the decision that you make for them is because of your love for them.

Finally whether or not your children thanks you later on, you must still do what you know is right. You must set boundaries for them and continue to love them through these confusing and overwhelming teen years.

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1 thought on “Challanges of Raising Teens

  1. Earthmommy says:

    Wise words, Hadias. I am dealing with this very issue (the desire for freedom) with my oldest daughter who wants to move out and live with her boyfriend at the end of this summer. I know this is a mistake and don’t want her to do it, but trying to get her to see that is a challenge.


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