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My Kitchen Garden

Today is Memorial day and I have spent my morning putting potted annuals on my deck. I found two 8 packs of impatiens for .50 each.

We will be grilling today and have invited my In-loves for dinner. It is always a joy to spend time with them. They don’t get to our house often since they are getting older and live an hour and fifteen minutes away.

This weekend we had beautiful weather that was great for gardening. I planted some garlic, lettuce, tomatoes and basil. Below are some pictures of what’s already growing.

These beans were grown from a bag of dry red kidney beans brought at my local grocer. I don’t know when they should be picked since they were sort of an experiment. From what I’ve read they can be picked while small and eaten the same way as snap beans or picked later and shelled.

If anyone has experience with growing beans I am open to advice. I am just so happy to see veggies growing.

Below is some parsley that I started outdoors. It is doing so much better than the parsley that I started indoors and transplanted outdoors. I can’t wait until it is full grown and ready for use.

I have a question for all of you veggie gardening experts. Based upon my pictures, would you say that it is time to pick these beans? If not, then how do I know when it is time?

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

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5 thoughts on “My Kitchen Garden

  1. Zoey I found out that the plant is an annual. Which if I had known, I wouldn’t have spent $4.00 for.

    Earthmommy, please post pictures when you make some progress in your garden. I had a few false starts this year as well. This is my third year gardening and I finally feel less like an ametuer.

    Brenda I just love when you stop by. Your comments are always so personal…like we are next door neighbors. Even when I read your comments on other blogs I get the same feeling.

    Like you said it is hard to be patient. I keep looking and looking each day awaiting the fruits of my labors.

    Even if I only get 1 of each crop I will still be glad for the experience. I have spent many peacful moments digging around in the dirt.


  2. Anonymous says:

    By all means, pick those beans! Kelli’s suggestion to saute them is a good one…steamed is also tasty.

    I’m still waiting for most of what I’ve planted to show themselves in my garden. We’re on the cusp of zones 3 & 4, so things are pokeying along. My lettuce, spinach, radishes, & beets are all up….but just babies. I planted beans last week, as well as some yellow zucchini squash. It’s hard to be patient…& I wish the nights would warm up a wee bit. Anything below 55 degrees, & some plants just won’t grow. They don’t die, but they just sit there. Like peppers, for instance.

    Good luck with your gardening efforts, Hadias. You can be proud of what you have accomplished thus far, & that will give you the momentum to try more & different things. To me, one of the greatest gardening pleasures is having the boiling water all ready, & THEN picking & husking the sweet corn. Could it get any fresher than that? :o)



  3. Your green beans and parsley look perfect! My favorite way to eat green beans is to saute them with a little olive oil and lemon pepper…yum!


  4. Earthmommy says:

    You seem to truly have a green thumb! We have replanted out garden since our first round of potted sprouts did not survive a chilly night when we forgeot to bring them in and our two cats who found the little leaves quite tasty!


  5. Hi Hadias,
    What a good buy you got for .50 a pack! I love it when I find those bargains. Where I live, they don’t mark down the flowers until the first of July.

    Did you ever find out what that plant was with the pretty striped leaves?

    When I get home from work, we will be grilling burgers–just hubby and me. I hope you have a fun time with your family.


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