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Thankful Thursday: Discipline

If, on the other hand, you cannot summon resolution to punish your child when disobedient; if you do not curb his passions; if you do not bring him to entire and willing subjection to your authority; you must expect that he will be your curse. In all probability, he will despise you for your weakness.
Unaccustomed to restraints at home, he will break away from all restraints, and make you wretched by his life, and disgraceful in his death.

Page 23 of “The Mother at Home”

I am so very thankful that I have the courage to discipline my children when it is tough. In those times when my heart wants to overlook their subtle iniquities as them just being children, I instead peer ahead fifteen years by imaging them as adults. The image that I see from a lifestyle of inconsistent or non-existent discipline on my part is not one that I want for my children.

Our children look to us to discipline them by setting up boundaries and enforcing consequences. When we fall short in this area, we cause our children to despise us. In their eyes we become liars. If we threaten with rules that we never intend to enforce we become like the little boy who cried wolf. So in the midst of the daily discipline I look towards the end result which are children who will rise up and call me blessed for I have protected them by disciplining them. I have also equipped them with the ability to self-govern their behavior. I do this in hopes of raising Godly children able to bring honor to our family and to God.

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7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Discipline

  1. It is wonderful when parents look ahead in disciplining their children.


  2. Ivory Spring says:

    I have that book too, and absolutely love it!!!!


  3. Earthmommy says:

    I can see this from both ends of the spectrum. I failed miserable in the discipine area when my oldest was little and now I see some of the results of that in her these days. I worry for her as she gets ready to set out on her own. On the other hand her younger sisters have had more consistent discipline and are kinder and more “on top” of their lives.


  4. Anonymous says:

    How I agree with this! It is so important to see what we do now as having an impact for our children’s future well-being. It would be incredibly selfish of me (& my husband) to discipline with only the present in mind, only our own feelings considered. No, instead we must look ahead…& not just to next week!



  5. God bless you and keep giving you courage.


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