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Home Maintenance Tasks: June

I keep a running list of things that need attention around the house. These are tasks that are not done on a re-accurring basis but more so as needed. Below are the task that are currently on my list for the month of June. I keep this list in the front of my HMB. Whenever I have a day when I finish my daily task early or the children ask “Is there anything that you need help with?” I turn to my list.

*Relax oldest daughter hair (done)

*Steam clean sofas

*Trim weeds around the house (done)

*Clean upstairs windows (done)

*Re-attach hubbys nightstand shelf (done)

Before (above)

*Vaccum inside floor vents (done)

*Change boys shower curtain *from pink to blue* (done)



*Re-hang my son’s bedroom curtain (done)

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11 thoughts on “Home Maintenance Tasks: June

  1. Cherish the Home says:

    Wow, good for you! I have many things I need to get after as well.


  2. I just found Tuesday Tackle, and I think I love it! LOL
    Congratulations on being so productive! I’m starting my list right now-thanks for the inspiration πŸ˜€


  3. Muthering Heights says:

    Wow, you’re so efficient! I love the idea of a list to turn to when there are helpers available!



    Busy as usual. Hope you have a great month as you see each task completed. connie from texas


  5. Laura@Storytellin' Mama says:

    Your list inspires me.

    I love the sound of done!!!


  6. Congratulations on finishing your list. I too am a list maker. I just don’t always get everything done on the list. I try to take up Flylady’s habits and I do clean my sink everyday. I guess that is a start.

    Have a great week!


  7. Wow, you’re almost done with the list. Great job!

    Happy TT!


  8. Under the Florida Sun says:

    I bet your boys are so glad the pink is gone.

    Just visiting here for the first time. Beautiful blog!!


  9. Hey! Could you come over here and relax my girls’ hair? When I tried it did not do much…ugh. They are into pressing their hair now but looks like torture in this heat.

    I can do extensions and braids but when I try to relax it does not work. After you relax do you press?

    Seriously though I think I have found a friend who will do it for me. I so need help in this area.

    God bless,


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