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Anyone who has raised teens knows that some days can be a real test of faith.

There are the days when you wonder how God could have blessed you with such a wonderful teen.

Then there are those days that you wonder if your teen is a punishment for some past transgression.

Nevertheless, a key points that I would like to share with parents of pre-teens and teens is this. If you haven’t done so already, begin to talk to your teen about temptation. I’d suggest that you begin with the ones that were most prevalent for you and your spouse.

Think about the choices that you made as a teen. The ones that you later realized were not the best choices. Many times teens will struggle with the same things that their parents struggled with during their teen years.

Don’t wait until your teen has already taken their first drink or made out with the first boy to have this conversation. Warn them in advance regarding these pitfalls. Talk to them about the intensity that will accompany their desire to succumb to these temptations. Ask them what you could do specifically that would help them to avoid the pitfalls.

Finally, whether your teen decides to heed your warnings or not they are at a point in life where they must choose what is right for themselves .

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  1. Super advice, and the more open you are with your children about your life’s struggles, the more they’ll want to come to you about theirs, too. 🙂


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