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An Eventful Day

My 6 year old was left at school this afternoon and my 8 year old came home crying.

My 6 year old and 8 year old ride the bus home together in the afternoons. My 8 year old looks for his sister on the bus every afternoon. This afternoon he did not see her. He told the bus driver that she was supposed to be on the bus but the driver left the school without her.

My 8 year old came off of the bus visibly shaken because he didn’t know where his sister was. I went to the bus driver who had parked the bus in front of my home and asked her where my 6 year old was. She said that she did not know.

I immediately called the school but only got the answering machine. I threw on my tennis shoes and fled the house. (without my house keys might I add)

On the way there, the school secretary called to say that my 6year old was waiting in the office.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon, locked out of my house with my children and my brother who is here from out of town. I talked to my daughters teacher who said this, “I told the children that I would no longer be escorting them to bus or car rider line. I told them that they are old enough and would have to find it on their own.” She also told me that,“it is the child’s responsibility to get from the classroom to the correct area (outside of the school) to wait for the bus.”

I was also told by the dispatcher at the bus depot that,”the drivers are not obligated to radio anyone when notified that a child is missing from the bus.” She stated that,”the driver could do so as a courtesy but are obligated to account for the children.”

Upon talking to the bus driver she confirmed that my son had indeed told her that his sister was not on the bus, but stated that she had gotten distracted which caused her to forget to follow up on the whereabouts of my 6 year old.

This is pitiful and unacceptable. I will be talking to the Principle and the Director of School Transportation on Tuesday morning. Something will change regarding accountability of the children when traveling to and from school on the bus.

The responses that I received indicated to me that no one wanted to take responsibility. Rather they chose to place the burden on the shoulders of a 6 year old.

I pray that you all have an enjoyable weekend. I will be spending mine with family and friends. Please be in prayer for me as I go and talk with the Principle and Bus Director on Tuesday. Pray that they see the importance of implementing a plan to become even more accountable for these children while they are in their care.

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11 thoughts on “An Eventful Day

  1. This absolutely breaks my heart. The thought of my own 6 year old getting left terrifies and angers me at the same time. Many prayers that your talk with the school goes exceptionally well, there’s no excuse for such policies that would leave children in danger.


  2. HopewellMomSchool says:

    I’m glad your child is ok. If you want more horror stories of school bus rides in a “great” school system check out my blog!!! I’m praying for your family–that things get better on the bus ride.


  3. Thank you all for your support. Sometimes as a parents we can overreact, but through your responses and comments I believe that my reaction to the situation has been a normal reaction.

    I thought for a (split) second that maybe I was being too overprotective, but I vented to a few friends and assoiciates of mine who are parents and they all had the same response.

    They all thought that it was a horrible experience for my children. So I am compelled even more to go and talk with the Administrators at the school and transportation Department.

    I just want people who work with to children to genuinely begin to care about the safety and wellbeing of innocent children. If not they should find another job.

    Thank you all for your support.


  4. WOW. This is the first comment I have left on your blog, but I just felt like I needed to jump in and give my two cents, haha… totally UNACCEPTABLE. A six year old should not be held responsible for something like that. How terrifying, for both of your kids, and for you as their mother. I’m glad you’re going in there. What a messed up school indeed if they don’t care about the safety of their students. What if she had been kidnapped?! What kind of tune would they be singing then?!


  5. Wow! I can’t believe the teacher and the school would rely on the children to “find” their way around! The teachers here walk the kids to the front of the school and wait in the designated area (i.e. bus riders, car riders, daycare, etc.). Especially now that the boys attend a new elementary (just built), the school is big on keeping things orderly. Mass chaos and confusion would occur with the kids trying to find their way around. Our oldest daughter got left on the bus the first year we moved here, because the driver wasn’t familiar with our subdivision. Instead of taking her back to the bus yard or the school, she let her get off with another girl, who offered for her to go to her house so she could call us. We were floored that the bus driver would do something like that. We didn’t know the girl or her family! Needless to say, my husband gave the bus company an earful! I’ll be praying that everything goes well for you on Tuesday.


  6. Earthmommy says:

    PS – I came by to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my Family, Fun and Food post. You always leave the most inspiring and uplifting words of wisdom! Thanks for the precious reminder!


  7. Earthmommy says:

    OH NO!! You are right that is TOTALLY unaceptable. I think that when you speak with the principle you should say exactly what you said in your post: “The responses that I received indicated to me that no one wanted to take responsibility. Rather they chose to place the burden on the shoulders of a 6 year old.”

    I think this scenerio reflects a deeper problem within many schools today, of the buck being passed when it comes to the well-beig and safety of the children.

    I hope your little ones are ok…that must be scary! Good for your son for looking out for his sister!


  8. Oh, I hate this happened to you and your little ones. The teacher’s and the bus driver’s statement is totally ridiculous. I’m glad you are following up with the Principal. Good for you!


  9. Anonymous says:

    This IS pitiful & unacceptable!! How I feel for your little girl…& her big brother as well, maybe even more so. He tried to be her protector, & I can only imagine how horrible that bus ride home must have been for him. :o(

    I pray you get things straightened out next week. Hard to have that hanging over your heads all this weekend. I hope your holiday is an enjoyable one for your family just the same.



  10. oh my, that just isn NOT right!! A 6 year old cannot be held accountable for getting themselves to proper designated area. And the fact that your son informed the bus driver that his sister was missing and they did nothing is so wrong!! I would be livid and calling the principal as well. Good luck and I hope it doesn’t happen again!


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