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Guest Post~Talk to Your Child

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One of the most delightful characteristics of Hadias’ sharing here at Proverbs31 is the insight as to how communicative and interactive she is with her children. Have you noticed? She fulfills the Scriptural premise of Isaiah 58:7: hide not thyself from thine own flesh.

In today’s society, this is almost a lost art. Grandparents and parents investing quietly, constantly into their children’s lives: presenting them with the framework of God’s Word, of practical life skills. One of our greatest joys as a parent will be the finished product – the day our grown child will turn to us and say, “You are blessed.”

Today, talk to your child. Perhaps this will be the day you impress upon your children an important life-giving principle about the Kingdom of God that will change the course of their life for a good purpose.

Talk to your child. Perhaps your situation is not the picture perfect situation. Talk anyway. Shy not away from the harder, more difficult conversations. Share with your child how the Lord is faithful in distress.

Talk to your child. Giggle and discover together the wondrous world the Lord has made. Give glory to God together, for the marvelous works of His hands.

Talk to your child. Correct and admonish, guide and shape. Build up and edify. As the Father is the Master Potter in loving fashion, so be toward your offspring that they might grow to be as olive plants round about your table. Psalm 128:3

Talk to your child. Let him or her know how much you love them ~ and that your love would not even fill the fingertip of God’s pinkie, so great is HIS love for them.

Talk to your child.

Then listen.

The sound of maturity and wisdom and understanding will echo back to you.

May the thrill of that experience be compounded in joy as the Lord says to you: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21

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1 thought on “Guest Post~Talk to Your Child

  1. Earthmommy says:

    This was a beautiful post, and filled with such truth! Some of my most jouyous moments as a mother have come in those quiet times when it’s just myself and my children, talking about whatever has come up.


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