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One Word…Busy

Wow, has this been a hectic week. I don’t adjust to change very easily but I think that I am finally getting accustomed to this new daily schedule.

The children have completed one week of public school already and I will list the pros and cons that we have experienced.

Picking out the children’s school clothes once a week has been working great. Five outfits, picked out and ironed is such a time saver.

Backpacks & shoes lined near the front door has been working great as well. There is no running around in the morning searching for books or a missing right shoe.

Prayer & Bible reading each morning…I love it. I think the children have a more hopeful and guided day when they begin with the Lords wisdom and direction. Our Bible reading comes from what the children are studying for their Bible Quiz competitions. Right now, they are studying Exodus and Luke.

The new cleaning schedule works fine but I will have my husband review it to be sure that I am not overscheduling or under scheduling the children or myself.

I plan to implement volunteering at the children’s schools starting in September. So far I have two Thursday’s in September volunteering in my 1st graders class. I will choose two days for my 3rd grader. I still am not sure how to be involved with my 9th grader at school. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “One Word…Busy

  1. HopewellMomSchool says:

    I’m so encouraged by this post! I’ve wanted to add daily before school Bible time for two years now. I’m praying my new schedule on my new job will help me be motivated since I won’t be going out the door with the kids. You really put effort into your family’s routine–I know it must make your family happier. It inspires me to keep at the development of new habits.


  2. Earthmommy says:

    So glad everything is working out for you and your family with your return to school. You might contact the school for ideas on being involved with your oldest. Often times our local schools have needs for parent volunteers for special events and even need help in the office and library. You could also let her teachers know that you’re available to help out, I’m sure they would appreciate it.


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