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Weekly Menu Plan & Once a Week Cooking

This week I cooked up most of my meals ahead of time. I get such a great amount of joy when I am in the kitchen preparing meals. The more I cook the more peace I feel. My children are kept busy and quiet while they learn new tasks in the kitchen. I only wish that if my kitchen were larger I could have them all in there at one time. I try and set up stations to compensate for the lack of space. One child will rinse veggies at the sink. Another will chop at the table while another kneads dough in the dining room. And I am always at the stove.

My menu this week consists of the following….

Pancakes (2x)
Oatmeal (2x)
Cereal (2x)
9×13 meatloaf (2 dinners)


Mac & Cheese (2x)
Pastrami and Baked Bread (2x)
P-b-&-J sandwiches (2x)

Ground Turkey Soft Taco filling (1 dinner)

Diced Chicken Enchillada filling (1 dinner)

8 cups of Chicken Broth

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (3 dozen)

1 loaf, 1 roll of white bread and 5 cookies (reward for the childrens hard work) Dinner

Jerk Chicken, Rice & peas, Cabbage

Meatloaf with rice, gravy & veggies (2x)

Enchilladas/Soft Tacos with Spanish Rice (2x)

Salisbury Steak with gravy, rice and veggies

KFC 20 piece family meal (My In-Loves bought us dinner)

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Menu Plan & Once a Week Cooking

  1. Garden girl Jo says:

    Good for you! Your organization impresses me. I need to require more from my self and get organized like you are!


  2. What a good idea to cook ahead of time and free up some time during the week!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the oatmeal bars…I love the sliced banana variation!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my giveaway post.


  3. So glad you all stopped by. I planned an easy menu this week in order to get adjusted to our new schedule for school.


  4. Oh yay! I can post today! I couldn’t post for several days, not sure why.

    Your food looks SO DELICIOUS!!


  5. Extraordinary Ordinary Life says:

    It sounds very organized and very yummy.


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