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Work-from-Home Opportunities: Consignment

This is part two in the installment titled Work-from-Home Opportunities. When I use the term from home I do not mean that I don’t ever have to leave the house for any of these opportunities. What I do mean though is that I don’t punch a clock and I decide when and how much I will work.

So today I would like to share with you the concept of clothing Consignment.

The first place to find clothes will begin in your closets. The Fall season is upon us and now is the time to begin sorting through your wardrobe. Look for items that you and your family have outgrown.

If you frequent yard sales now is the time to begin stocking up on clothes. Yard sales are famous for selling clothes cheap. Know your clothes. Be on the lookout for quality clothes. Pick up these items for .25 or 1.00 then go consign it!!

Finally, stop turning down hand-me-down offers from friends and family. Take those clothes pick out some goodies for your family and consign what you can’t use.

Below is an example of some items that have at a consignment shop. My shop has online access and I can view my balance and items at any time.

Description **InDate ****Out Date *****Price ***Status

Jacket Rocawear *7/30/2008* 10/28/2008*$12.00*Available

Skirt Rocawear *7/30/2008* 10/28/2008*$14.00* Available

RocawearJean *7/30/2008*10/28/2008*$15.00*Available

Pants**** 7/30/2008 **10/28/2008** $7.00** Available

Pants **7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008*** $8.00** Available

Dress ******7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008 ***$7.00** Available

Jacket ******7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008 ***$7.00** Available

Jacket ******7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008 ***$7.00** Available

Jeans ***7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008*** $15.00** Available

Jeans ***7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008*** $11.00** Available

Dress ****7/30/2008 ***10/28/2008 ***$13.00** Available

Baby Gate **7/30/2008 **10/28/2008 **$7.50** Available

Leapfrog Cart**8/1/2008 **10/30/2008 **$4.00** Sold

The total amount generated if all of these items sell at the listed price will be $127.50 of which I will earn 40% or $51.00. This may appear that I am getting ripped of but do you want to know my secret? Sure you do. I pay for about 1% off my children’s clothing. I happen to have generous in-laws and many generous friends who have children close to my children size. I do not turn down hand-me-downs ever. Even if I don’t use them or consign them I give them to charity. So this is one idea for you to consider to earn a little extra money at home.

Below are two links that can shed more light on clothing consignment.

How To Sell Clothes to a Consignment Shop at eHow.com
Selling Through Consignment Shops

I’d love to hear about some ways that you earn money at home.

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1 thought on “Work-from-Home Opportunities: Consignment

  1. Earthmommy says:

    We love our consignment store and we’ve made several hundred dollars plus gotten great discounts of gently used toys.


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