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Tackle it Tuesday

I hope that you all had a wonderful Monday. I spent my Monday celebrating my 7 year wedding anniversary. Today I have a special dinner planned. My husbands favorite…Enchilladas with rice and beans.
A great tip that may motivate your children to keep their rooms clean is to take before and after pictures. Sometimes I even attach the camera to our t.v. so that the rest of the family can see my 4 year olds accomplishments. Below is his closet after he lined up all of his trucks and shoes.
I have plenty of work to do today including deep cleaning the two upstairs bathrooms and washing the dishes.
But not before a quick blog post and a yummy smoothy with extra whip cream for breakfast.

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7 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Belated anniversary greetings, Hadias! I hope it was a super special day for your husband & you. And I'm thinking that the big pink dahlia bloomed just in time to be part of your menu display with the plate…very creative!



  2. Earthmommy says:


    Our 20th anni is tomorrow. : )
    I love your pics in this post and the smoothie looks delicious!

    I have a new P31 post up and will have the full first chapter of my sci-fi story up tomorrow. I hope you can stop by!



  3. What a great tackle list!! I love the plate idea! I am going to use that some time soon. Brilliant!!! And the smoothie looks really yummy too;-)


  4. Yes Christy…I do use a dry erase marker. Feel free to copy the idea since I copied it from someone else.

    Thanks for stopping by (xobeau).


  5. I LOVE your plate with what’s-for-dinner wrote on it. It’s so pretty and would make me feel special if I was a member of your family. I’m guessing you use some kind of dry erase marker on it each day? I’d love to copy your idea if you don’t mind. Come visit me when you get a chance and let me know what you use, please?


  6. Happy Anniversary! Taking before and after pictures of your kids room is a great idea! I am definitely going to try that! Hope you’re enjoying your smoothie! It looks very refreshing!


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