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Thankful For: Ordinary Days

Yesterday was a day just like the rest. I spent time doing what I have grown to love. I shopped for groceries and cooked some meals ahead of time for the week. I spent time tended to the gardens. There was so much to do. I had not really spent much time tending to the gardens over the past month. Most of my time was spent observing and enjoying the fruit’s of my labor.

The weeds had gotten out of hand and so had many of my perennials. My Zinnias are growing beautifully, but are beginning to stretch out beyond the brick boarder that I’ve set up. The absence of activity in the gardens makes for a great place for venomous spiders and the like to make their homes. I have killed two so far. One was a black window. The second one this year. I am still on the lookout for the ‘ginormous’ (my 6 year old daughter’s favorite word for large) brown spider that I let escape.
This Arachnid settle above my A/C unit for two days without moving. Then on the very day that I musterd the courage to kill it, it had already moved on. I prayed that it didn’t bite me while I was pruning my Zinnia.

I finished my time in the garden by planting some spinach. I can’t wait to have some fresh spinach salad before the temperatures drop. Most of the harvest will be steamed, then pureed for soups and sauces. A bit more will be frozen for our fall vegetable stash.

I ended the afternoon with a wonderfully frugal and fast lunch for my pre-schooler and I.

Easy Tomato Soup

12 oz. can of diced tomato

4-6 oz. can of tomato sauce

2-4 t spoons of onion powder

2 t spoons of Lawry’s

(or your favorite seasoning)

1-1 1/2 cup of water or broth

(or until desired consistency)

Mix everything together. Microwave for 3 minutes. Serve over rice or with crackers.

Optional ingredients for hardiness: Add a can of seasoned kidney beans with juices. Sprinkle with shreded cheese. Add 1/2 of a mashed potatoe. Or 2 tablespoons of sour cream.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful For: Ordinary Days

  1. Thanks for stopping by Lori. I tried to visit your blog but my computer kept freezing. I will try again soon.


  2. Lori @ Front Porch Legacy says:

    What a lovely Thankful Thursday post! And that tomato soup looks delicious.


  3. GritsGirl says:

    The Tomato soup sounds yummy. As for the “ginormous” spider… Gross!! I must say I havent seen one that big in the “wild”! I would have definatly freaked out!!


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