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Weekend Plans

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my previous gardening posts. I truly do enjoy spending time tending to it.

Today I will be spending some quality time with my children before heading off to a fellowship get-together with some friends from Sunday School. Just a few chores today which are as follows:

~Pick out clothes for church
~Pick out clothes for school next week
~Iron clothes for Church
~Begin ironing next weeks school clothes
~Move youngest daughter back to an upstairs bedroom

The children and I spent yesterday evening watching some GodTube videos. We came across the one embedded below. My 14 year old and I thought that this was so entertaining. I thought that we’d share it with you. Enjoy your weekend.

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1 thought on “Weekend Plans

  1. Hadias, I was crackin up!!! So goofy! I laughed out loud several times 😉


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