A Proverbs Wife

Caring for my home…

is a constant work in progress. It’s something that must be attended to and consistently evaluated for effectiveness. I have learned with experience, that nothing stays the same. Even with the best schedules thing can get behind and tasks can be left undone.From time to time it’s often a good idea for me to evaluate my schedule for it’s effectiveness and to weed out whatever routines no longer work.

We should not allow schedules and routines to become your taskmaster. Re-evaluate your schedule from time to time, especially when you begin to feel overwhelmed or run down. Instead of reorganizing the home it may be time to reorganize the schedule. You are the manager of the home and it it imperative that you mange your home, time and energy effectively to prevent resentment from setting in. Let us be joyful, keepers at home by staying alert to opportunities that will make our home keeping tasks manageable.

Your sister in Christ, Hadias

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