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Drug Addiction

This is not a subject that I talk about at all here on my blog, however when I saw an opportunity to talk about drug addiction I thought that I could share my experience. I grew up in a home where the people who raised me including my parents struggled with drug addiction. It affected my life in many negative ways,which has caused me to be an advocate for abstinence of drugs and the abuse of alcohol. Substance abuse not only hurts the abuser, it also hurts the abusers family. If you or a family member is struggling with some sort of abuse please seek help by visiting a website such as the california drug rehab center.

If you or someone that you know is affected by substance abuse and you’d like for me to pray regarding your situation please leave me a comment either by email or you can leave it in anonymously in my comment section.

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2 thoughts on “Drug Addiction

  1. That’s so sweet, Hadias! I have older cousins *years* ago whose mom worked for a doctor. She used to bring home uppers, giving it to her kids so they could work harder and faster to build an inground pool!!! Yup, they all became addicts, but thank the Lord the kids all turned out, two out of three later accepting Christ as their Savior. Unfortunately, their mom died a drug related death.


  2. If anyone doing any of that is stupid enough to think it won’t affect their kids–think again! Mine were born to alcoholics. Thankfully both were spared the horrific damage of fetal alcohol syndrome, but my son does suffer from fetal alcohol affects. You are wise and brave to share that–so many times people think they aren’t “perfect enough” for Christ. Seeing the things others have lived thru help them see His love. Great post, Hadias!


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