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Evaluating Comprehension

One of the hardest things about teaching is getting my children to elaborate on their ideas. We use the Charlotte Mason curriculum which requires the children to demonstrate what they have comprehended by prompting them with a question pertaining to their subject and allowing them to answer based on their knowledge of the subject.

My oldest child is more accustomed to public school education which requires the the teacher to teach the answers and for the students to memorize and pick them out on the test. So, I was in search of some techniques that could help me to draw her ideas out.

I have come across a website that provides a list of question prompts that may help me get the detail that I am looking for in her responses. These question prompts were developed by Benjamin Bloom. You can read more about him below.

“In 1956, Benjamin Bloom headed a group of educational psychologists who developed a classification of levels of intellectual behavior important in learning. Bloom found that over 95 % of the test questions students encounter require them to think only at the lowest possible level…the recall of information.”

Bloom’s Taxonomy can be used as a great resource to helping you determine what your child has comprehended from their reading. This works really good with Ambelside curriculum since it does require quite a bit of narrations. Bloom’s evaluates learning based on 6 major areas.


Under each link you will find questions that will help you to determine what areas your child may need extra help in.

You can read more about Benjamin Bloom here. You can also find BLOOM’S TAXONOMY: Sample Questions here.

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