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Now that my daughter is in the ninth grade, I have begun exposing her to the career community by utilizing websites that offer services such as school leaver career building advice. These sites offer information on careers in just about any field imaginable. She is able to learn about the field of science, mathematics, and medicine, while also learning about what is going on in the world today. On the site, we learned that Blackberry is due to release its new touch screen i-phone this autumn. We also learned about a math contest that is open to college students in Essex, United Kingdom. The Winsten University Department of Mathematical Sciences and the External Relations Section of the University are offering the contest. Students participating are to be given five mathematical problems that will enable them to earn a one-thousand dollar scholarship if answered correctly. The goal of the contest is to study math and to pursue a mathematical degree.

She was rally excited about the competition and wanted to enter until I explained to her that the students that the article was referring to was college aged students. There is a great section called “A Guide to Your Career” which talks about the financial aid system offered in the United Kingdom. We will use it as a guide to discuss the financial options available to her and how it will correlate when choosing a college or university.

Many of you may have children who are nowhere near college age, however some of you may concerned about how to prepare your teen for college and career. This site and many others will be great tools to bookmark so you’re your teen can get a better idea of what is available as far a scholarships and realistic career opportunities.

For those of you who have already put your children through college, what advice would you give to us parents who are looking at college and career on the horizon. I would love to read your feedback.

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