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Hot Pink

I treated myself to a new nail polish color this weekend when my mother-in-love was in town. She is addicted to shopping and I am a recovering shop-a-holic. She took my 14 year old daughter to the mall for lunch and after that they went to Belks to buy some shirts for my 6 year old daughter. When they returned I took my MIL to Sam’s Club and then to the DollarTree where I found this Maybelline Nail polish for $1.00
I wanted this color all summer but it cost well over 3 bucks which I didn’t want to pay. So, I will be sporting it this fall.

Are your nails panited now?
When is the last time you painted your nails?
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8 thoughts on “Hot Pink

  1. Anonymous says:

    My hands are always in water or gardening so I usually only have a manicure during the Christmas season. But I always have polished toes and often in interesting colors like blue or green but now they are red.


  2. Mrs. Bridget G. says:

    My nails are currently pink as well, but a more pastel pink, that dares to start to look as if it wants to turn lilac.


  3. Good find!

    Mine are painted a dark wine color. It’s outside of my normal shades but it was called “I’m With Brad” and since that’s my hubby’s name I had to have it! And the dark color looks good for Halloween 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    I do not have attractive hands, & I seldom paint my nails. The last time I painted them was last month for a fancy to-do of my husband's.



  5. ~ Angi :) says:

    Oh Hadias! I laughed out loud! “so, I will be sporting it this fall!” {chuckle!}

    Way to go, girl! I can -sooooo- relate! 😀

    Me? no polish now, although I do really enjoy it.


  6. Mine are painted bright red with a touch of shimmer in them, compliments of my daughter! She is taking cosmetology in high school, and yesterday we went to our first (mine & hers) beauty show! I was one of the parents that tagged along on the field trip (bus ride was bumpy!), and I had a lot of fun! She painted my nails before we left and flat ironed the stray ends of my hair that didn't want to act right. I try to pamper myself the inexpensive way, and regularly do my nails, but it's really nice now that she is learning how to do them. She did an excellent job!


  7. mine are painted clear right now but I am on my way to the stuff mart and I see some red in my future!


  8. Dawn Sodini says:

    Boy, do I understand the nail polish blues and joys. No, mine are not painted. As a matter of fact I just broke the bank and paid $5 for the 1st bottle I have bought in about 2 years. Oh, and does it count that my 5 year old bought her own 1st bottle today- so we both have 2 new colors. Am I pathetic or what?!


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