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Is Surgery the Answer for You?

I am a huge advocate for diet and exercise. I think that in America, we don’t talk much about eating right and exercise. I believe that this issues should be discussed and implemented from the time children are born. But what about people who are already morbidly obese?

I have a friend who has a really bad heart. He has had problems with his weight since the time that he was a child. He is over 300 pounds and suffers from respiratory issues as a result of his weight. He has been offered the opportunity to have surgery such as the weight loss surgery tampa Florida offers at JourneyLite.

He hikes the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains and has just been accepted to Columbia University in New York. It pains us to see him struggle with his weight and the constant surgeries on his heart is adding to the problem.

I don’t believe that surgery is for everyone, but I don’t think that it can be ruled out across the board.

What are your thoughts on lap band surgery?

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3 thoughts on “Is Surgery the Answer for You?

  1. I think it should be done after a last resort if all else truly fails.


  2. My friend that I referred to in my post also has health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

    He has had many surgeries on his heart already and could possible improve his health with this type of surgery.

    It’s a big decision but one that your family should carfully consider along with the other available options.


  3. Deb Burton says:

    I think it should be done judiciously and cautiously. Any surgery has risks, and people who are obese typically have concommitant health issues, usually secondary to the weight,that increase the risks with surgery.

    That being said, those who would be considered morbidly obese and who cannot, for whatever reason, follow a diet and exercise regimen, should be considered for it. My brother-in-law is considering it because he is 400+ lbs, but his heavy smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes has me worried about how he would fare the operating table.


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