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Teaching Moments

I love educating my elementary aged children at home because it give me an opportunity to feel like a child again. Sites like the ones below bring back childhood memories in a new animated technological way. The characters that I used to enjoy on PBS and in storybooks are now brought to life on-line.

I utilize on-line sites as a tool to help educate my children, but please keep in the mind that computerized and animated tools should in no way replace reading paper bound books. Paper bound books help children nuture their imaginations by trying to envision the story in their own minds without the asistance of animation or technology.

Below are some sites that I am using this year with my 4 year old preschooler.

Count the Score

I would love for you to share a link to some of your favorite on-line learning sites.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Moments

  1. Thanks for leaving the link to starfall DeNiece. I have been using their site for three years now. I started using it with my 8 year old when he was 6 and have used it with my 6 year old last year for kindergarten. I currently with my 4 year old. We focus on one letter per week and vowel sounds. I love the little activities on the bottom of the handwriting sheets.

    What’s good about Starfall is that they give you a pre-made lesson plan to follow, which makes homeschooling your little so easy.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite site.


  2. Earthmommy says:

    This was a trip down memory lane for me too. Thanks so much for posting these. I used to love Sesame Street! I also really like the Peter Rabbit coloring sheets.


  3. DeNiece Barnes says:

    Hadias one of my favoriate learning sites that I let my children use is called http://www.starfall.com, it is a great learning site. Stop in for a visit soon


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