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Typing Practice

My daughter types way better than I ever could but still wants to improve so that she can excel in her Keyboarding class. I came across the site “TypeRacer” which is a free site that allows her to practice alone or race against others. This is a great site not just for students, but for anyone who wants to brush up on their typing skills.

Even with all of the blogging that I do, I still type with two fingers. I was never good a typing and prefer to write with paper and pen than type. Typing is faster when you knw what your doing.

How many WPM can you type? Do you type with two fingers or properly, with fingers on the home row keys?

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10 thoughts on “Typing Practice

  1. Great name — Proverbs Wife…..

    I’m trying to be a stay-at-home, and I’ve built a website that brings in a little money — with keyboarding games — go take a look —

    Over the years it’s grown and now has over 60 typing games! And I just added a page of timed typing games and tests.

    It’s a kid-safe site — I work hard to ensure that when links go to outside pages, those pages don’t have inappropriate ads or links to non-educational games, and I update the site regularly.


    Also, for Halloween, I’ve put up Halloween activities and downloadable lesson plans:

    There’s math, reading, puzzle, and art games — all fun, and all safe. I make every effort to ensure that the site is kid-safe.
    There’s a separate section of just-for-fun Halloween games — so that you control whether the kids are playing educational or arcade games:


    All the just-for-fun games are hosted on my site — if you can see the red/orange background, the student is on my site, where there are only fun, kid-safe games.


  2. So far, I am the slowest out of the bunch. My husband was shocked to learn that i couls not type over 35WPm.

    He says I should be better since I have short slender fingers.

    Maybe if I could get my fingers, eyes and brain to work together, I could type faster.

    Open Question for everyone?????

    Do you think that typing skills are more or less necessary now than in the past?


  3. Karen & Gerard Zemek says:

    I’ll definitely have to try it out. I used to love taking those timed typing tests in school. I always thought of it as a race and it definitely helped me to concentrate. I never heard of typing with just 2 fingers and without looking. I wouldn’t think that would be very fast.


  4. What a fun site! I love to type and always try to type fast and accurately. Maybe it comes playing piano, but I generally type around 80wpm and I do use home row. I do know I type better when my nails are shorter. They need a trim right now, so I have to backspace more than usual 🙂


  5. Garden girl Jo says:

    Thanks for posting! That was fun. I got 66 words per minute with 97% accuracy. I did learn the proper hand position back in high school keyboarding class. My 6 year old daughter has learned the correct positions using “Typing Instructor for Kids” It’s a great resource. I think we bought it from Amazon.com


  6. I used to be really good at typing in high school, had a 45-50 wpm. I still do pretty well unless one arm is occupied with a baby which is usually all the time! Thats when you’ll see me typing with one hand, not pretty.


  7. I typed aquote from the book: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

    My speed was 38 wpm with an accuracy of 98%.

    I told you I wasn’t good at typing. It just never felt right trying to keep my hands on the homerow keys.

    I admired my classmates who could type over 100 WPM.


  8. Deb Burton says:

    I was taught in high school the proper way of typing, but that was a lo-o-ong time ago. I’ve adapted over the years to actually use three to four fingers, but you can forget about using the home row.

    My children fly across the keyboard using the two finger method, both of them doing it without looking at the keyboard (I have to look when I type). My daughter scored high in wpm and accuracy, so I figure that as long as they both get the job done, I don’t see any need in giving them ‘proper’ training. It would probably slow them down!


  9. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Hadias, I like the typing practice site! My first test I got 97% correct and 56wpm. My second test I got 74wpm and 97.4% correct. My son types with only two fingers. I think it is much faster to type with all my fingers, but he says he is just as fast with only two, and he does it without looking, too. Thanks for sharing this site! Also, congratulations on getting over 100 subscribers! My count has gone up over 100, too!


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