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Arts & Crafts: Easy String Figures With Video Clips!

As a homeschooling mom I struggled the first year trying to find art activities for my children. The first things that came to my mind was drawing and painting. However, with time and research the children have learned beginner woodworking, leather making and crocheting.

The one thing that struck me late in the year was the art of making string figures. This is a hobby that my father taught me as a child and I wanted to share these same memories with my children. We use the site Kids String Figures and my children love it.

It is a bit challenging for younger ones at first but crafts such the Cat’s Cradle may be a good choice for little ones learning to control hand eye coordination.

Video clips have been added for most figures. If you have difficulty following a description of how to make a string figure, look at the end of the description and click on slow dial up, dial up or broadband. In order to view the clips you will need Windows Media Player.

My children were ages 5 and 7 when they began practicing string figures.

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