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Frugal Friday: Getting the Most out of Coupons

After making my list and gathering my coupons I was ready to hit the stores.
Store #1~Walgreens

(2) Clabber Girl 6.50 oz. Corn Starch .99 ea= $1.98 minus .99 Walgreens coupon & a $1 off MQ’s=FREE

(2) Coffee Mate 16 oz. French Vanilla $2.49 ea = $4.98 minus $2.49 Walgreens coupon & (2) $1 off 1 MQ’s= $.49 for 32 oz.

Lady Speed Stick 2.3 oz.= $3.29 minus $1.30 Walgreens coupon= $1.99

Ajax Dish Liquid 16 oz.= $1.79 minus $.90 Walgreens coupon= $.89

Total Cost w/ tax before coupons = $12.88
Total w/ tax after coupons = $3.57
I saved a whopping….$9.31

Store #2~Kroger (10 item Mega Event) Round 2

(6) boxes of General Mills Cereal @ $2.00 ea.= $12
(1) 5 lb. Domino Sugar $2.50
(2) Carnation Evaporated Milk @ $1.00 ea. = $2.00
(1) Eagle Condensed Milk $1.50
(1) Fels Naptha $1.29
(2) 12 double roll Contonelle Bath Tissue @ $5.49 ea.=$10.98

Price Before Coupons $41.27
Minus Coupons Totalling $20.78
Price After Coupons $20.49

I did better than I expected. I foresaw some bumps in the road, however eveerything ran smoothly. It’ has been worth spending $1.75 for the Sunday paper. I have made that back and then some. I have always had to spend a big chunk of my tax return to get my cabinets full, but not htis year. I have been achieveing the same results by using coupons. I am convined that coupons are worth the effort.

Total Spent: $24.06

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1 thought on “Frugal Friday: Getting the Most out of Coupons

  1. Dawn Sodini says:

    I just picked up my Rite Aid Rebate book yesterday! What is Fels Naptha? And what is it used for?


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