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Improving your Car

Turbo charger pros specialize in selling products to improve the speed on cars such as Volks Wagons and Audis. They are advertising deals on audi turbo packages. They offer new and used parts for many other cars as well.

One of the ways that I keep my car repair and improvement cost low is by use sites like this to buy auto parts. Jut lats week we had to buy a water pump and a new starter for our car. We were able to save $100 in repairs by purchasing the part on our own and bringing it to the body shop.

Why do we purchase our own parts? Well we have found that auto repair companies charge a bit more when they have to order or supply the part. If you’ve never purchased your own parts take a look at the selection offered a turboschargerpros.com and compare them to what your mehcnaic is charging you for the part. If you can get the part for cheaper somewhere else and save money on the repair, consider this as a viable money saving opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Improving your Car

  1. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Some mechanics don’t appreciate this money saving tip because that’s where they make a little extra money. We live in a rural area and just happen to go into the city almost every day of the week, so it saves our mechanic time and money if we buy the parts and bring them in. Usually my husband is able to do the repair, but sometimes he doesn’t have the right tools, so we have the mechanic do it for us.


  2. We recently saved ourselves over $100 by buying a transmission computer for our van on our own and then bringing it to the repair shop. Repair shops often put a markup on parts in order to increase their profit.


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