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Inexpensive Eyewear

Trying to stay under budget in the area of medical expenses can be challenging especially when you have four out of six of your family members who wear prescription eyeglasses.

The average prescription eyeglass wearer owns a least two pairs of eyeglasses. For us this same fact holds true. Our medical insurance only covers one pair of eyeglasses per year, therefore the second pair must be purchased out of pocket.

In order to keep our cost low I look for companies who are able to offer high quality eyeglasses at an affordable price. In the past we have used America’s Best, however we have been for some time considering Zenni Optical. I have posted before regarding their unbeatable prices, but does their product stand up to the test? Can a company offer eyeglass that starting at eight bucks yet still offer quality?

It’s quite possible, that is why for my families second pair of eyeglasses I will give ZenniOptical the chance to make good on their commitment.

How does ZenniOptical offer these glasses at such a low price? Well the sell glasses directly to us, the customer, with no middle men, such as your Ophthalmologist. So if you are looking for a first pair or second pair of eyeglasses check out Zenni Optical.

To read more about ZenniOptical please visit this site http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/yourmoney/chi-ym-spending-0722jul22,0,2050256.story

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