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Keeping the Home

There is so much to do today therefore I thought it wise to get an early start. I had sick children this weekend which caused me to put home keeping on the back burner for a bit.

This morning I have begun getting caught up on laundry. The baskets are overflowing with clothes, however, I’ve already gotten one basket washed and I have just two left. We will have lots to dry, fold and put away this afternoon.

Mondays are our floor cleaning days. We have 3 bathrooms floors, the kitchen floor and the foyer floor that need to be swept and mopped. Days like today are really when freezer cooking pays off. I took a loaf of banana bread form the freezer last night, which made for a quick and delicious breakfast this morning

I pray that each of you have a blessed day.
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1 thought on “Keeping the Home

  1. I was playing catch up on chores over the weekend. It padi off though now that everything is caught up. Your banana bread looks delicious!


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