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My Very First CVS Trip

I was very nervous about possibly going into the store and making a major purchasing mistake. I envisioned picking up the wrong items and forgetting to use my coupons to achieve the maximum savings. Guess what?….

I did everything that I’d feared I would do, however the manger was so helpful in explaining everything and getting me the most for my money.

Here’s the run down….

Transaction #1
$4.89 Preparation H portable wipes
-$3.00 MQ (I forgot to give it to the manager so he deducted it from my next transaction. We will just pretend that I gave it to him for the sake of this illustration)
$1.89 OOP
$1 ECB Earned

$7.78 for 2 Crest Pro Health $3.89 ea.
-$1.50 (2) $.75 off MQ
$6.28 OOP
$7.78 ECB’s Earned

Total OOP w/tax $8.82
Total ECB’s $8.78

Transaction #2
$7.24 (2) Colgate toothpaste BOGO Free (I actually picked up the wrong ones and was charged for both. The manager just issued me a cash refund. I ended up paying $3.62 for 2 after the refund)

Used $7.24 in ECB’s

$4.98 (2) Arm and Hammer Toothpaste $1.99 ea.
-$1.00 MQ
-$1.00 MQ

Used $2.98 in ECB’s

Total $10.22
Used $8.78 ECB’s
OOP $.45

This was all a bit overwhelming and as you can see. My calculations do not add up. In actuality, I paid $10.00 for my first transaction and earned $8.00 in ECB’s. My order totaled $10.00 because I forgot to use my $3.00 off coupon. The manager deducted the $3.00 from my second transaction. My second transaction came out to $.45 after ECB’s and coupons. I was also refunded $4.16 from transaction #1 on the BOGO free toothpaste. So I paid a total of $6.29 for everything after ECB’s, coupons and the refund. I also have $1.00 ECB left.

My overall observation.

ECB transactions are a bit confusing
It will take practice
I must keep up with my ECB reciept for my next trip

The manager was very helpful and patient
I think that I did o.k. for a beginner
I stocked the pantry with toothpaste
6 toothpastes and portable hemorrhoid wipes for $6.24

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9 thoughts on “My Very First CVS Trip

  1. I love CVS! I first learned about it through Biblical Womanhood and although I only do it now and then I have gotten some tremendous savings!


  2. The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic says:

    Oh, how I am enjoying your blogs!
    We don’t have a CVS or Walgreens near us… Looks like you’ll have a nice stock pile or gifts to give very quickly!

    All the Best,


  3. Congrats on your first CVS excursion! I get totally overwhelmed with it, to be honest. Keep up the good work!


  4. Good for that manager. I’ve heard some of the managers can be very unhelpful when it comes to getting deals.


  5. I love CVS. It should get easier for you the more you do it. Anyone who has been CVS-ing has made mistakes so don’t feel bad.

    To keep track of my ECBs I keep them in an envelope in my purse with the CRT coupons and my CVS Card. This way I always have them together and with me.


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