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Rite-Aid Tips

I have been shopping rite-aid free after rebate deals for about two weeks now and I have been pleased with the process thus far. Below I want to list a few things that I think will be helpful for anyone interested in taking advantage of Rite-Aide’s deals.

Don’t expect for every item to be in stock unless you visit the store the day that the sale begins.

Get a rain check if you don’t find the item~ This will allow you to come back at a later date and get the same deal.

Know your facts~ “What if I want to purchase a free after rebate item that is not in-stock the last date of the sale?”

Situation #1: Digital to Analog Converter $40.00 – $40.00 (with government issued coupon) must be purchased by 10/26/2008. Price after 10/26/2008 is $59.99-$40.00 coupon

The store does not have any in stock on 10/26/2008

Solution: The store can issue a rain check for the sale price usable when the stock is replenished

Situation #2: Kotex Maxi pads $3.00 -$3.00 single check rebate

The store does not have the item in stock by the end of the sale period.

Solution: The store will issue a rain check for the item and once it comes in you can purchase the item and the store should issue you a gift card for the rebate amount. Be sure to get this written on your rain check.
Keep your receipts until you get your check

Keep track of qualification dates~ look for the “Rebate only valid 12/15/-12/22/09 below each item.

Get the correct product~ Use the Rebate Directory to verify which products are actually qualified. For example, the Rite Aide weekly add stated “Adidas” antiperspirant/deodorant, body spray of body wash $3.99-$3.00 rebate=.99

However, when I purchased the women’s shower gel and entered it for my rebate I learned that the deal was only for men’s Adidas products. This was specified in the Rebate Directory but not in the weekly ad. Even the store had the rebate sticker under the women’s product, but it does not qualify. Use your Directory. (I did exchange the shower gel for a deodorant for my brother in-laws gift basket)

Don’t waste money on things that you don’t need even if it’s free~

A diabetes testing kit will do me no good since I nor anyone that I know of has diabetes. However, if I know someone who does and could use it and you can afford to purchase it, by all means.

Another example is a shampoo product that was free after rebate this week. I had to fight the urge to buy it. I need to buy more shampoo, but not this particular brand. I have a specific type of shampoo that I use for my hair. I have leaned that some chemicals dry out and damage my hair and have since switched to an more natural product. Although I #1 need shampoo #2 love free stuff and #3 could afford to buy it, I did not because it was not a good investment.

Finally, I’d like to share my reasons for shopping Rite-Aide versus CVS. I like the fact that with rite-aide I get my money back and am free to invest my financial resources anywhere I choose. Whereas with CVS I am confined to reinvesting my financial resources back into their store through their ECB program.

In the words of Dave Ramsey “Cash is King” and I rather have cash in hand than a CVS gift card any day.

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