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Seasonal Clothing Storage

With four children and two adults, keeping clothes organized must start with a plan. As seasons change clothes need to be rotated out, handed down and donated. We start by pulling out the storage unit housing the new seasons clothes. We take out the new seasons clothes….

In order to make room for the last seasons clothes. We have removed all of the winter clothes, tidied the storage bin and are ready to add the summer clothes.

I go through the clothes to remove outgrown clothes. Those items are sorted into two piles, one for hand me downs and one for donations. After that’s all sorted the hangers are removed, clothes folded and neatly packed away.

Next summer these clothes will be waiting neat and organized. If I were a super mom I would make a list of items that should be replenished next summer, however I wait until the season returns and compile a list as I unpack.

Finally, these clothes are stored in the attic until their season returns. I’d love to hear how you organize out of season clothes. Do you just leave them in the drawers and closets or pack them away?

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8 thoughts on “Seasonal Clothing Storage

  1. I basically use the same method, but it just drags on for several weeks. My least favorite job…ugh. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Looks great! No organization in this household, although there’s only one kiddo so it’s not all that necessary.


  3. I never used to seperate my clothes, but now that I am pregnant, I wanted to get the clothes I can’t wear any more and some seasonal clothes out of the way for my preggo clothes. So I put mine and my husbands into a storage ben and put it down stairs.

    Your idea is a great one though!


  4. Great tackle! I love those tubs because you don’t have to worry about things getting ruined.


  5. Karen & Gerard Zemek says:

    Since it’s only my husband and I with 7 closets, we can just rotate them from one closet to another.


  6. We have the same system. My older girls manage their own seasonal clothing, and always havea bag of donations to go out. For Aspen, we’ve been so blessed with clothing for her that I have four boxes of things that span size wise the next year. Each season we sort consignments and donations.


  7. Since we’re rather short on space in my apartment and we only need our big suitcases once or twice a year, all the off-season clothes go into the big suitcases. For bulky stuff like coats, I like to use Space Bags so I can get more in the suitcase! The the suitcases go downstairs into our storage closet.


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