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1. Cook from scratch. This has been one of the big money savers for me. Learning how to bake from scratch has saved me from purchasing store bought deserts and snacks. I have no need for items such as toaster strudel or frozen waffles since I know how to make these things and home. Many of the items that I now bake can be cooked ahead and frozen for use at a later time. Waffles, pancakes, muffins, baked oatmeal and mini egg omelets can be baked, frozen and used in the same way that I would a frozen store bought meal.

2. Making things at home such as laundry detergent, household cleaners and dishwasher powder has eliminated these costs from my grocery bill. These three items take no time to make. One batch last so much longer than what I would buy at the store and it cost less per ounce to use. Some other things that I also make include taco seasoning, dried herbs, Italian seasoning, spaghetti sauce, hot cocoa mix, dishcloths and washcloths.

3. Buying items in bulk. I am completely sold on the concept of buying in bulk. I do some of my bulk shopping at warehouse stores and some items I just purchase in large quantities when I see rock bottom prices. Flour, Lawry’s seasoning; rice and yeast are items that I faithfully purchase at Sam’s Club. Things such as cereal for $1 or less are items that I will buy in bulk. Tissue, paper towel, deodorant, and feminine products are also items that I’ll buy in bulk. Here’s why I shop bulk and here’s how it saves me money. When I buy in bulk I am able to reduce my trips to the grocery stores by reducing my dependency on the grocer.

4. Clip coupons and use them. You don’t need to become a coupon clipping addict, however you do need to practice matching coupons with sale items. This has made a substantial difference in the amount of groceries that I am able to get for my money. Using coupons has also enabled me to purchase some items that I would not normally buy had they not been on sale and combined with a coupon.

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  1. Hello Dawn,

    I will compile a list of items with links that I currently make from scratch. I will post it this week. Please check back or consider subscribing to my blog in order to stay current on new posts here at “A Day in the Life Of…”

    A subscription link can be found following any of my posts and also on the left sidebar of any of my blog pages.


  2. Hello all,

    Pam, in response to your queston regarding the laundry soap, I happen to switch back and forth between the liquid and the powder. Last month was powder and this month was liquid.

    It depends upon whether or not I have time to shred the Fels Naptha Soap. Since I do not have a food processor I must shred it with a hand held shredder.

    Otherwise I melt it slowly in a pot over a medium flame, and make the liquid.


  3. I’m with Regina….the scratch stuff is so much better that so many store bought things. I think we really do need to get back to basics. Even when the economy is good, spending is out of control. I wish I’d learned to be frugal so many years ago! I’m passing it on to my daughters and I am so proud when my girls make frugal choices.


  4. Chaos Cottage says:

    The homemade stuff taste much better and you know what’s in it too!

    I haven’t tried the homemade laundry or dishwasher soap yet. I keep saying I am going to. I just buy the cheap stuff and have been happy with it. But one of these days I am going to make some homemade laundry soap. I can’t decide between the liquid or the dry version. Which do you use?



  5. In today’s economy people will save a lot more if they “get back to basics”!
    More than half of the stuff they buy can be done cheaper and better from scratch!
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hello Hadais! I just credited you in my post today for the Kmart scoop ;o) (sales). I hit the store today and was blessed beyond my dreams with what I found and could purchase, all in cash (as I am frugal, as well). I hope you don’t mind, but I am linking to you in my sidebar? Have a blessed day!


  7. Dawn Sodini says:

    Would you please share your recipes for laundry detergent and some of the other things you make.


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