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Smart Shopper: Online Coupon Codes

If you are shopping on-line yet not using discount coupon codes then you are throwing away your money. On-line discount coupon codes are the reciprocal of paper coupons. They the same way as the coupons found in your Sunday newspaper. There only purpose is to save us money. The site FindSavings.com has an array of online coupons including ones that allow us to get free gifts with our purchases.

On-line coupon codes help us recoup some of the out of pocket expenses that come along with shopping. There are coupon codes that refund some of what we have spent in the form of rebate checks. Rebates are usually when a portion of the purchase price refunded.

I know that many of you do not share my sentiment regarding getting out of bed to shop in the wee hours of ‘Black Friday’ morning. This is where coupon codes can help you still get those great deals without paying more to shop from home. Coupon codes can get you free or discounted shipping on your order.

A big part of being frugal is managing money wisely. If you are spending dollars on-line yet neglecting to use the available coupons, then you are throwing away your hard-earned money. Look for ways to save before you spend, each time you spend a dollar without researching any opportunity to save, you run the risk of throwing away hard-earned money.

I have found online coupon codes for a few of my favorite stores by searching FindSavings.com here are links to BestBuy, Kmart and Walmart

Before making your next purchase visit FindSavings.com

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