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Walmart Shopping Trip

  • Chex Cereal is $1.66 a box (Did this twice for 4 boxes total)
    $1 off 2
    $1.16 a box
  • Bagel-Fuls are $1.98 (Did this twice for 2 boxes total)
    $1 off 1 here
    $.98 a box
  • Just Bunches cereal is $2.88 (some places have them for $2.10 and some for only $1)
    $2 off 1
  • Vlasic Relish is $1

$1 off 1 coupon here
(My coupon would not scan so Walmart would not take it. I will try again on a later trip. The cashiers will key it in most times. My cashier’s manager was standing over her grimacing at all of my on-line coupons. She even went as far as to say that she thought that they were fake, but all ended well.)

  • Preparation-H Portable Wipes are $3.98 ($2.98 at some stores) They were out at my store
    $3 off 1 here
  • Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner $1.97
    $1.50 off 1
    $.50 each

Bissell Vaccum Bags $2.82
9 packs of Chex Seasoning Mix FREE

Shirts for next Summer



Total $3.00 + tax

Total Before Coupons $21.27 Total After Coupons $14.32
(Average price= $1 per item)

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5 thoughts on “Walmart Shopping Trip

  1. Garden girl Jo says:

    Good for you Hadias! What great deals – thanks for sharing. I actually got what appears to be the exact same navy blue top at my local walmart last week for $1 too! 🙂

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. She was probably jealous! I’m going to start printing coupons!!! Good job!


  3. i feel so blessed that our walmart takes the printed coupons with no problem becuz i have heard of this problem many times. i know some shoppers carry the corporate policy in their purse!
    i bought the fantastic and the chex cereal too.


  4. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for stopping in to visit. I don’t really think that the women was racist being that we were both of the same descent.

    I feel as though she expressed a great deal of is very cynicism in making the comment that they appeared to be copies. Duh! They are copies lady (from a printer)

    She did what lot’s of managers and cashiers like to do. They like to throw their weight around when they feel powerless. Since she was probably not familiar with, what she probably considered to be such a large amount of coupon usage, she looked for a way to deter me.

    However I was not deterred, since I was very clear on the Walmart coupon policy. If she would have rejected my coupons, then I would have had to pursue further recourse.

    What allows me to overcome ones comments that are made based upon limited knowledge is Gods faithfulness.

    As soon as she made the comment I could feel my blood rise. I then said these words to the Lord “Lord please allow these coupons to scan so that her accusation of me can be made a lie. Make her eat her words of false accusation against me”.

    Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. God will supply all of my needs and He will fight all of my battles.

    Thanks you so very much for visiting Lisa. I see your point and it is very valid. Thank you for the advice.


  5. blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com says:

    Hello there!

    This is really amazing shopping!

    If I were you, I would make SURE to document the racist comment made by the manager that your online coupons were forged…that is an implication that you are in the store doing illegal transactions. It is not a comment to brush under the rug. I would call the store and get the name of the regional manager and report the name of the manager who said it (or at least indicate what time you were in the store and they will know which manager was on duty).

    We can’t allow insulting or snide comments to just slip by without any repercussion.

    I do congratulate you on your budgeting skills!!

    As Oprah would say:




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