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Winter Nature Study

One subject that has made an impact on our home school curriculum has been nature studies. Since we have began spending more time outside interacting with and observing nature we have broadened our understanding of Gods creation from a scientific perspective.

As a result of studying nature, we have adopted many new hobbies such as gardening, sketching and bird watching. Last year my seven year old son and I made our own birdfeeders.
We used a kit that came with about six pieces which we assembled. Making a birdfeeder was a great learning experience that allowed him to research birds and learn more about their feeding habits. He was able to practice working with wood, nails, glue and a hammer. When the feeder was done he painted it and we took pictures to add to his home school portfolio.

He has since become interested in learning more about different and what they eat. The birdfeeder that we made was a seed feeder; however we’d like to get a hummingbird feeder. We’ve found some very interesting and inexpensive feeders online. I have included pictures of some of my favorites.

I’d love for you to share which one you like best. To find our more about the birdfeeders featured just click on the links within the post.

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