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Stacking On-line Coupons

1. Signed in to Ebates where I earn 4% cashback on purchases from Dell.com

2. Clicked on the Dell.com store link from Ebates so that my purchase can be tracked and I earn cash back. I alsosaw that Dell was offering a %15 off and free shipping coupon code for Dell.com purchases.

3. Located the Xbox 360 Pro for $299.

4. Placed my order:

-- Xbox 360 Pro 60 GB System Holiday Bundle
Unit Price: $299.00
Quantity: 1
Total Price: $299.00

-- 15% off Great Software
- $44.85

Subtotal: $254.15
Tax: $17.79
Shipping and Handling: $14.99

Import Fee: --

Shipping Discount: -$14.99

Total: $271.94

5. In 2 days I received a credit to my Ebates account in the amount of $15.00 
($10.17 (4% rebate) and $5 for signing up with Ebates)

I maximized my shopping dollars by:

1. Set a budget by researching this item for
6 months to learn thatthe lowest price was $299
2. Used coupon codes to reduce cost
3. Looking for a site that offered free shipping
4. Stacking discounts by using coupon codes and
Ebate opportunities.

Finally, please consider entering my email as the
person who referred you. You'll get $5 for signing
up and I'll get $5 for referring you. A win, win
situation. scentreprenuer@aol.com

I hope you enjoyed this example of how I'm making
money deals for my online shopping. I hope you picked
up a tip or two to use for your next online purchase.
How has your experience been shopping through Ebates?
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2 thoughts on “Stacking On-line Coupons

  1. Thanks Melinda. You inspired me to try a new holiday theme.


  2. Great deals, you go girl! I am going to go sign up today! Your kid will be so excited! So will your hubby I bet, lol. BTW I love your new wintry theme, very festive!


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