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Freezer Meals

When most people think about freezer meals they think of this 30 day menu, an all day shopping trip and a cooking marathon.

The truth of the matter is that it is more obtainable for the average mom to take a different approach. My approach to keeping my freezer stocked with delicious meals is to cook once and eat multiple times.

I cook once but simply multiply the recipe x how many meals I’d like to create. This is easiest with meat.

Four whole chickens can cook in the oven in the same amount of time as one.

All this week I will be sharing practical meals that anyone can make for the freezer.

Here’s the line up beginning tomorrow…

Tuesday: Breakfast Casserole
Wednesday: Easy Chicken Dinner
Thursday: Cookies
Friday: Storage Methods

Do you have a favorite freezer recipe? Leave a comment along with any questions, tips and encouragement.

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1 thought on “Freezer Meals

  1. I’ll be eagerly following this series of posts. I really want to learn more about freezer meals in order to make more evenings when cooking dinner is quick and easy.


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