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Organizing My Linen Closet

In my last post, I shared some of the benefits that come from keeping things organized. Today I’d like to take you on a short tour of my linen closet. This closet holds all of our surplus household items, hygiene items, shoes and linen.
On the top shelf in the far right corner you’ll find a bag filled with bed linen and another filled with curtains. On the immediately left (see the picture below) you’ll find all of our surplus and unopened hygiene items.
On the shelf beneath the hygiene shelf you’ll find the hygiene items that are open and in use. I am also using this shelf to store surplus household items such as laundry detergent ingredients, air freshener and dish soap.
The next shelf is for hair care and bathroom tissue. I use a medium sized rectangular basket to keep these items neat and organized. I use a plastic peanut butter jar to hold combs. Another rectangular compartment is inside of the basket to keep bulky items such as brushes and the flat iron organized. Shampoo and conditioner are in the rear of the basket while beads are stored in ziploc bags nestled inside the basket.

The next shelf is the shelf for linen and towels. Only my husband and I keep our towels in this closet. We have two each and 7 wash clothes each. There is always one towel in the bathroom and one in the closet. Towels are washed every other day along with dish clothes, dish towels and any unplanned bed linen washes. To the right of the towels are baby blankets for the children to use while watching television on the couch.

The final shelf is for my shoes, sneakers and sandals. This area holds 12 size 7 1/2 shoe boxes.

On the floor beneath the shelves are where my husband stores all of his non-work shoes and sneakers. With a a size 13 foot he can only store about 6 boxes or as you can see three pairs of shoes and one sneaker box.
It was so much fun organizing this closet to make the best possible use of space. Be sure to come back tomorrow. I’ll share with you how I organize my kitchen cabinets.

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3 thoughts on “Organizing My Linen Closet

  1. You are giving me so many great ideas (as usual) and motivation to organize everything in my house!!! Yours looks so nice! Great job!


  2. Paula Constable says:

    Oh I love your pictures! It looks great! I use continers to keep all the like stuff together. I love looking at an organized space. Nice blog, glad I found you!


  3. Where did you get your shelving? How wide is your closet? (Sorry for the personal questions, but it looks very similar to the closet I need shelving for!). Thanks!

    BTW, the closet looks great!


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