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Publix Shopping Trip Jan 17

I have a boat load of coupons to clip since my Mother in Love sent me a stack of inserts in the mail Thursday. (Thanks MOM!) She was in my city last weekend on business and wanted me to meet her so that I could get them from her; however I was out of town. She decided that she’d call my husband to pick them up. (Yeah Right…)

When I got home he told me that my MIL called asking him to drive 20 minutes to pick up coupons. He just thought that was the most outrageous thing he’d ever heard.

Being the sweet woman that she is…she Fed-Ex’d them to me. (Awwwww…I have the sweetest Mother in Love ever!) Thanks to her I was able to get a boat load of Lysol products from Publix. They were about $0.37 each after coupon. The Electrosal was about $1. 39 each, the Garnier Fructis was $0.50 each thanks to this scenario. The Cover Girl eye shadow, the One Touch , the Jolly Time popcorn and the Dr. Pepper were all FREE after coupons.

Grand Total : $19.70
Total Value: $98.22
That’s a Savings of 80%
Proverbs 31:14
“She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.”

Tomorrow morning my wonderful husband has offered to take me to CVS for my weekly trip rather than waiting until Friday. I am so excited since I’ll be able to get dibs on the beginning of the week inventory.

Finally, you will never guess what 2 that’s right I said 2 items, I spent $16 on.

I’ll be sharing my 2 purchases with you later this week.

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