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I Saved $75 Today

I don’t know why I continue to torture myself. I see wonderful deals like 31 bottles of Soft Soap for $3.99 at Walgreen’s and say to myself “What an awesome deal!!”.

So what do I do next?….

I pack my little self up and head over to Walgreen’s, only to end up spending more than I planned.

I can go into CVS and get $116 worth of items for .91¢ any day of the week, but can’t seem to save more than 75% at Walgreen’s.

I always end up spending close to $10 and walk away feeling ripped of, especially in comparison to 31 Soft Soaps for $3.99

I am so glad that people are mastering the art of shopping at Walgreen’s I however am not.

Transaction #1

1 Soft Soap $3.99
paid $4.27 OOP
Got back “get a free Soft Soap on your next order” coupon

Transaction #2

1 Soft Soap $3.99
used “FREE Soft Soap” coupon
paid .28¢ tax OOP
no additional soft soap coupon printed :0(

Transaction #3

1 Skintimate shave gel $2.99
paid $3.47 OOP
Got back $3 RR

Transaction #4

1 Chap Stick Glimmer $1.99
1 Dawn Dish Detergent .99
1 Butterfinger candy egg .39 (filler)
paid w/ $3 RR & $.56¢ OOP
Got back $1.99 RR

Transaction #4

1 Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
paid w/ $1.99 RR & $1.02
Got back $3 RR

So… $9 and some change later I have
2-Soft Soft body wash
2-Skintimate shave gel
2-Chapstick (I had an extra 1 in my bag some how)
1-Dawn dish detergent

I also stopped by Publix this morning to get the Triscuits on sale for .87¢ ea. w/cpn, and the General Mills cereal for $1.14 ea.
These cereal purchases qualify you for a FREE Publix shopping bag with purchase. There are some really cute ones. I chose the one below.


You can check out this weeks Publix meal deals here and the weekly sales here.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes are $1.99 this week. The boxes at my Publix have a peelie on them for .75¢/1 (makes them $1.24 ea.)

Also some shoppers are reporting that there is a tearpad for a FREE dozen of eggs wyb (2) Kellogg’s cereal


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5 thoughts on “I Saved $75 Today

  1. I don’t have Walgreens down either and it dosen’t help that my local Walgreens has a couple coupon haters for clerks. Now don’t get me wrong there are 2 clerks that are wonderful but it is 20 miles away so I have to go when I happen to be in that town. I don’t have the luxury of checking in all the time to get the cashiers I want.

    I can never seem to get a real low total there but CVS I am getting pretty good at! 🙂


  2. What I have learned from countless trial and error shopping trips to Walgreens is you can’t use an “earned” RR to purchase the identical product – the computer won’t spit one out if you do. You need to separate your transactions so that you are never buying the same item that you earned the reward on. Another valuable tip for shopping with RR is the reward is actually a “manufacture coupon”. So if you buy 5 items and use 5 coupons, your RR won’t work. If you buy 5 items, but only had 3 coupons, you’d be able to use 2 additional RR. The number of coupons can never exceed the number of items. As soon as I figured those two things out, my Walgreens trips went MUCH smoother and I saved MUCH more and was WAY lessed stressed about the whole thing. Good luck!! 😉


  3. If you had done your WAGS transactions like this….chapstick oop $1.99, use 1.99 RR to pay for shaving cream @$2.99(OOP $1), get 2.99RR, use $2.99RR from cream to get Body Wash @ $3.99(oop $1). Use Free Body Wash when you buy another chapstick(oop for chapstick $1.99…)and keep repeating this until you have enough. This prgression has you spending $4(+ tax) for 1 chapstick, 1 shaving cream & 2 body washes. Add in the Dawn somewhere in the process and you get 2 Chaps, 2 Creams, 4 Body Wash & 1 Dawn for $9+ tax. I little better than $9 for 1 Chap, 2 Creams, 4 Body Washes & 1 Dawn.
    Ok….not by much.lolol I guess to make it better you need that soft soap body wash coupon out there. THAT would help! 😎

    Great price on Triscuits! Wish we had a Publix. I got a couple boxes of the Triscuit chips to try. Have you had them yet?


  4. A Frugal Friend says:

    Hi! I’m glad you have figured out CVS. I have never tried…but maybe I should. I’ve stuck to Walgreens…..but CVS is right across the street. 🙂


  5. I am right there with you on Walgreens. Do you live in Nashville? Maybe it’s our local stores that are no good. I, like you, tried the Softsoap body wash deal only to find no coupon when I purchased the second bottle and used my free coupon from the first one. Ugh. There’s no point in trying to talk to the managers; they never — NEVER — side with the customer. I feel queasy when I read online about a great Walgreens deal because I’m afraid to try it.


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