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The Benefits of Coupons

I hadn’t planned on shopping today. It was dreary out, my son was sick and I was tired. I had plenty of homekeeping chores to attend to and it looked like it would be one of those days. Luckily I had already pre-cooked a roasted chicken and didn’t have to think about dinner tonight.

My husband gently reminded me that I had told him I needed to go to the store on Monday. Well that was last Thursday when I said that. Back when I was full of energy and looking forward to the new Publix sale.

Right…the new Publix sale. My mind started racing as I remembered the FREE items that I would get if I went shopping today. All of a sudden I felt rejuvenated. So, I quickly finished cleaning the Master bath and headed out to the store.

I didn’t really make multiple transaction I have just categorized my deals by transaction to make the savings easier to explain.

Transaction #1: MEATS

(21 breasts or 7 pks) Boneless Chicken Breasts = $20.65
Saved = $22.38

(1) Boneless Chuck Roast = $6.82
Saved = $2.28

(2) London Broil = $9.65
Saved = $6.13

Total Before Savings: $67.91
Total After Savings: $37.12
Total Saved: $30.79 or 46%

Transaction #2

(8) Muellers Pasta $0.37 ea. = $2.96
(12) 6 oz. Stonyfield yogurt cups $0.35 ea. = $4.20
(3) Pam Cooking Spray $0.31 ea. = $0.93
(6) Betty Crocker Potatoes $0.38 = $2.28
(2) Publix Reusable Shopping Bags = FREE
(15) Yellow Advantage Flier Coupon Booklets = FREE
(4) Go Organic Coupon Booklets = FREE

Total Before Coupons: $35.52
Total After Coupons: $10.37
Total Saved: $25.15 or 70%

Transaction #3: BREAKFAST

(22) Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal $1.09 ea = $24.09
(7) DanActive Yogurt Drinks = FREE
Total Before Coupons: $109.68
Total After Coupon: $24.09
Total Saved: $85.59 or 78%


According to my receipt I saved $156.37 or 66%

To see what is on sale at Publix click. here.
To attend a Coupon Workshop click here.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Coupons

  1. Anonymous says:

    What are you going to do with ALL that cereal? It seems a little wasteful. Hope you’re donating it.


  2. Vintagesquirrel says:

    That’s positively amazing! I’ll bet you felt good about having gone to the store after that, huh? Keep up the good work.
    P.S. Are you even the teensiest bit afraid you’re gonna hate Smart Start after eating all those boxes? Haha


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