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Won’t I be wasting money?

I am often asked this question by a participant’s in my CVS 101 “Coupon Workshops“, “Why would I spend money on something that I don’t need?”

The simple answer is “to get something that you do need”. For example, let’s take the Breeze 2 Diabetes monitors below. Walgreen’s had the following promotion a few weeks ago:

FREE Crest Pro-Health when you buy a Contour Meter

Do I need a glucose monitor? No…not necessarily.

Here’s my rule for purchasing items I don’t need- The benefit of my purchase must out way my out-of-pocket cost. If I can get more than one item for what I would pay for one then I am willing to give it s try.

Now back to the scenario

I bought (3) Breeze 2 Monitors on sale @ $14.99

(I had (3) save up to $30 off any Contour brand meter coupons from a Sunday insert)

Each coupon deducted the value of the meter less tax

$14.99 x 3 = $44.97

Tax on the (3) meters is $2.69

Here is the logic…

Crest Pro-Health is $3.69 ea.

$3.69 x 3= $11.07

Now I could either pay $11.07 for (3) Crest Pro Health

or $2.69 worth of tax on (3) meters

and get (3) coupons for (3) FREE Crest Pro Health (tax FREE)

$11.07 for 3 Crest Pro Health

or $2.69 for (3) meters and (3) Crest Pro Health.

Now someone who doesn’t know about coupons or who can’t afford to add a meter to their insurance will get a FREE meter courtesy of the Proverbs Wife. I have a tower of meters in my stockpile that will be donated this year. I have paid just tax on the meters but the benefit has always outweighed the expense.

Total for everything below before coupons: $233.45
Total after coupons: $6.57
Total saved: $226.88

In addition, each monitor had a mail in rebate that I submitted. I will get back a $14.99 refund for each meter since there is no per household rebate limit. That is a profit of $38.40

Still have question as to why you would buy something that you don’t need? Leave a comment below and we’ll figure it out together.
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4 thoughts on “Won’t I be wasting money?

  1. Jacqueline says:

    More Savings, More Blessings

    bought 2 cologate 1.00 each
    bought 3 crest 1.00 each
    before coupons 5.00

    used 2 1.00 for colgate – cost free
    used 1 .75 for crest – cost .25
    used 2 .50 for crest – cost 1.00

    oop 1.55 including tax

    thank you Jesus!

    spent 109.61 before coupons
    93.91 after
    saved 16.80, 15% for the bill

    best deal of the day

    gillette shaving gel .01 after coupon
    fruit loop cereal .79 after coupon


  2. just bought the breeze today with the deal. did you noticed the rebate is expired mine was/
    will I still be able to send in the rebate?


  3. mamajuliana says:

    Hi! I tried to go to the Coupons Workshop link but…I can’t get there. It says that page doesn’t exist. Help!


  4. GritsGirl says:

    I too have used these meter coupons and donate them to a local organization that uses them. I was wondering if you have noticed that on the new meter coupons they specifically say for diabetics only. I was wondering if you would still use these coupons or not??


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