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Charity Checklist for Young Ladies

If you have never visited Lady Lydia’s site be sure to stop by and bookmark it. Her site is very encouraging and thought provoking. Below is one of her posts that I have enjoyed. It is a checklist for teen and pre-teen daughters as well as adult daughters still living at home.

From Lady Lydia’s post:

Charity Begins At Home

1. Have you cleaned your room and accounted for all your possessions? Is the floor clean, the windows, the curtains and the bedding? How long has it been since you changed your sheets or cleaned your closet?

2. Are the bathrooms that you use in the house, spotless? Do you have a good knowledge of sanitation and cleaning for such things as sinks and tubs? Is the bathroom also decorated with attractive things that make it a pleasant part of the house?

3. Are the books in your home put in in some kind of order on the shelves, say, the decorating books together, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, art, and so forth? Are the books and shelves dusted and cleaned, and books repaired where needed?

4. How many meals do you prepare yourself, for your family? Are you able to shop for and prepare meals with ease? Do you know how to set an attractive table? Do you ever pamper your parents with special meals? Do you ever take over the kitchen, or other rooms in the house, and make them your own, to give your mother some time off? How much burden do you take off your mother? Are you helpful in any way to your father?

5. Have you taken time to learn how to garden around your house, seeing that flowers are planted, grass is trimmed, weeds pulled, and in general, creating an attractive frame around the base of the house? Have you grown any vegetables or fruit that you can serve your family?

6. How much charity have you extended to those within your closest acquaintance: the church, your neighbors, people you know, and relatives? Have you taken a basket filled with comforting things, to anyone, lately? Have you offered your help for free, to anyone? Have you ministered to the local church by making cards and sending out encouraging words to the members? Have you hosted any church members for tea lately? Have you sewn any clothing for anyone? If you have a car, have you offered to take anyone shopping, to appointments, or to tea? Do you have any kind of craft or skill that you use personally to minister to others?

I know of one girl who grows wonderful flowers in summer. She gathers them in bouquets and puts them in vases that she decorates herself, packs them in her car, and delivers them to people on her list that she wants to bless. Another girl I know takes laundry home from the house of a young mother, and washes it and presses it, and takes it back. It is a tremendous help to the woman with small children.

7. In the world, there is a great need for teaching on keeping house and having contented families. If you really want to “make a contribution”, why not have a blog or website, which will reach hundreds? In it, you can describe the way you serve others and share your personal knowledge. With a blog, a young lady can extend her hospitality all over the world.

This is by no means the golden standard, but it a a very useful guideline for encouraging our daughters to use their talents to make a positive impact in the lives of those around them.

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