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Feeding Your Family on a Budget: Price Book

I have been comparing prices for a long time and am able to keep prices in my head very easily, but when I first began looking for ways to reduce my grocery budget I used a price book.

A “price book” is nothing more than a reference guide of the high and low prices of the items you consistently buy.

The information that I found relevant to add to my price book was:

-Price -Date -Size -Quantity -Store

Once you get an idea for what the low price of an item is, you can then set your price point for stocking up on particular items. Price points are nothing more that an indicator of when you will get the most for your money on a purchase.

Here are my price points for some everyday items I buy:

$3 or less per pound of meat

:: $0.69 lb. Whole Chicken
:: $1.99 lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Perdue, Tyson and Retail Brand)
:: $1.99 lb. London Broil
:: $2.50 lb. Ground Turkey

$1 or less per pound of dry weight starch foods – pasta, flour, rice

:: $0.31 lb. Muellers, Ronzoni pasta
$0.19 lb. Long Grain Rice White Rice
:: $0.66 lb. Specialty Rice

$1 or less on breakfast foods

:: $0.99 per box of cereal
:: $0.10 per cup of yogurt
:: $0.50 for all bread products
:: Free up to $0.99 for eggs

Armed with this knowledge, you too, will be able to determine when to stock-up on items. If you want to make the most of your grocery budget start a price book today. Keep track of the prices you pay for each item by using your grocery receipt and a small notebook.

I would love to compile a post dedicated to hi-low price points. Please share your price points on some of the everyday items that you buy.
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15 thoughts on “Feeding Your Family on a Budget: Price Book

  1. Tena Helms says:

    Me too Kristi, I believe that we can help one another. I am too tryin to get my price book going. With todays society it takes everyone working together to save money.


  2. Quaker Oatmeal single’s box $0.99, I know this is more expensive but my husband requests them. Also, coffee for $1.00 or less for 11 oz. These are serious stock up items for me! These are after coupon prices.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Jennifer, I love the Quaker Oatmeal single too. I wait until I can get them for .99ยข also.


  3. that’s an awesome deal! Just be sure to tell CVS that you need that many. I have just about given up on CVS because all my local stores keep such a low stock. Basically it’s “what you see is what you get”. I’m hoping it’s not that way everywhere, and maybe the few times I actually wanted to get bulked items, it was mere cooincidence?? At any rate, I wish you the best, don’t let my frustration hold you back! I’m going to have to try the Walgreens thing though, they just finished building one right in my path into town ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas!


  4. I keep a price book. It is nothing fancy, in fact you can see it here: http://spendlessandsavemore.net/set-grocery-price-book/
    I am always amazed at the price difference between stores. What I find is that certain items are cheaper at one store while others are cheaper at another. There are times when I even find that the store brand is marked higher than the name brand (ie. Target). It makes shopping challenging to say the least! I’d love to see everyone’s price points!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Kristi at Spend Less and Save More,

    Thanks Kristi. I like your post with the picture. I’m a visual leaner and seeing it written down helps get the message across for those who learn visually.

    Do you always go where the price is cheapest?


    Kristi at Spend Less and Save More Reply:

    I try to, but it isn’t always the case. If I am in desperate need of an item and don’t have time to run to another store I will go ahead & get it.
    The price book helps when it comes to stocking up. If I know that Target has Activa Yogurt the cheapest (with a coupon) then I will stock up because I know it is something we will eat everyday and I want to get as much as I can for the cheapest price.


  5. I am usually pretty good about keeping prices in my head, but I am going to try and start a price book after the beginning of the year – especially for when I send my hubby shopping! He usually shops with me, but he’s just a glorified coupon holder and heavy item lifter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    These are some of my goals:
    Ground beef: 1.69/lb or less
    Chicken Breast (boneless) 1.70/lb
    Kraft Cheese – $1.50 for 8 oz
    $0.20 for cans of veggies, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc
    and I usually will not pay over $0.50 for shampoo.
    Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, body wash, etc I usually try and get for free unless I am in dire need, but with out stockpile that doesn’t happen too often! ๐Ÿ™‚


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    Those are some rock bottom prices and some of the many benefits of using coupons and shopping sales. I have a price book in my Homemaking binder as a reference for my husband and daughter.

    I’m working on a price book for clothes now. Just socks, under garments, undershirts and long johns. I never know what a good price is.


  6. Tena Helms says:

    I too am trying to get this price book thing going. I am just having a hard time. I have never really looked at the prices of things until lately and I just feel so dumbfounded but I will get it. I went the other week and went to Bi-Lo and wrote down some odd and end things that we use and their prices. I only went by the one that was the lowest price and wrote it down that way when I see there is a lower price I know that is a good price. I am not brand loyal on things and so its kinda hard to pick and choose the brand to right down the prices for. If anyone has any suggestions please help, Thanks.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Tena Helms,

    Instead of brands try keeping track of just

    With this information you’ll begin to get an idea of when the item, (not matter the brand) is at it’s lowest price.

    I hope to publish more information on price books soon.


  7. I need to be better about this. canned veggies are my thing. need a laugh, for some reason when i saw the picture on facebook i thought these were like glazed honey buns


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    He he ha. You’re right Pam, they do look like glazed honey buns. I have gotten away from preserving since my garden didn’t do well this year. I plan to try again next year.


  8. Powers Family says:

    Thank you for your lovely blog, I have been enjoying it for the past few weeks!
    I wanted to mention to you a good deal that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. With the economy being what it is right now and many other factors leaving me feeling like our nation is not very stable, I have started adding a few other items to my stockpile to be prepared "just in case". I decided to try my hand at having a 30 day supply of necessaries. Canned meat is on my list so I began looking for salmon (we love salmon croquettes), it has gone up significantly since I remember looking for it last. I even checked on amazon and it is not easy to be found and it is at least $2.50 per 14.75 oz can. Sam's sells 4 packs for about the same price. But this week there is a sale on salmon at CVS! ๐Ÿ™‚ They have it 2/$3 which is terrific but I also rec'd a $10 off $30 the other day while getting my other great deals and if I buy 30 cans of salmon I will only pay $1 per can using the coupon! Thank you Lord! Just wanted to let you know!


  9. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I find that the price point information is very hard to find, even though there are so many dedicated shoppers out there.

    Please… everybody post your own price points. What price is a bargain for TP (that is, stock up!)? What price is a bargain for paper towells?

    Personally, I consider fruit at 25 cents per service piece a bargain. (that is, I weigh 4 apples at 0.99/pound. If less than a pound, I buy them)

    I consider cereal a bargain at $2. I have to reconsider that based on your price point, I guess!

    Thanks… everybody please post your price points so I can get smarter at this frugal shopping stuff!


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