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Freezer Meals: Pork & Beef

I usually use the first two weeks of the month to buy enough meat to last (5) weeks. I was sure to stock up on beef and pork on sale at Publix this week. I bought 3 pks. of pork chops and 3 pks. of bottom round roast for $43.00

I immediately got to work rinsing and seasoning all of the meats. The (3) pks. of pork shops were divided into sets of (6). This allowed me to pre-cook 18 pieces and freeze the remaining uncooked (6) pieces.

For the bottom round roast, (2) wil be pre-cooked (the pan on the far right) and the remaining roast was placed in the freezer uncooked. It will be cubed for (2) pots of beef stew, carrots and potatoes.

All of the meats are seasoned and ready to go into the oven. The remaining porkchops were rinsed and repackaged. I could have seasoned them at this point, but decided not to.

All of the meat is covered and placed in the oven at the same time and cooked for the same amount of time as you would one pan of meat.

The porkchops are taken out before the roast, since it is a leaner cut of meat than the roast.


These will be smoothered in BBQ sauce for…
and these will be smoothered in gravy for…


Finally, out comes the roast. I allow them to rest in all of their juices until room temperature. They are then wrapped in saran and foil. I also wrap them in brown paper bag. I get plenty of these from Publix. They are great for insulating freezer meals. I write the names of the meal on the brown bag and stick the meat into the freezer.

The juices from the roasts are reserved in a small container and frozen as well. The juice will be used as a gravy starter. They can also be frozen in ice trays and then dumped into a ziploc for future use.


Add one cube to the porkchops when reheating to prevent drying and cover pan tightly.

You do not need to under cook the meat when making freezer meals. Cook as you normally would.

Choose meats that get better as they cook
~Porkchops (some cuts)
~Whole Chickens/Roastsers

Be sure to keep your pans moist when cooking. Use water, broth or pan dripping from previous cooked meats.

Keep meats covered tightly to hold in moisture.

“She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness”.

Proverbs 31:27

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2 thoughts on “Freezer Meals: Pork & Beef

  1. And yet another wonderful idea that I had never thought of. I LOVE pork chops. Can't wait to try this next time I make pork chops.

    Thank you for the tip to freeze the broth in ice cube trays. I will have to try that the next time I make a batch of my homemade stock.

    Also, I made a very unladylike groan when I saw the first picture of the cooked pork chops. You always take such wonderful pictures that it is like I am right there smelling the food!


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