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Money Saving Methods

This week I have done several things to save my family money.

*I bought (5) Fantastik Cleaner on sale for $1.25. Regular price is $2.50 each.

*I used (5) $1 off 1 Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner coupon found in the SC Johnson Right at Home booklet
(found @ Publix in April).

*My total for (5) before coupons was $6.25.

*My total after coupons was $1.25 or $0.25 each.

*Had I bought these at regular price I would have paid $12.50 for (5).

*Using coupons and shopping while items are on sale saved me $11.25

*I bought (1) Spray ‘n Wash Laundry Stain Remover Max With Resolve Power on sale @ $1.50. Regular price $2.99

*I used a $0.50 off 1 coupon from the May 3rd Smart Source. At Publix $0.50 and lower manufacturer coupons are doubled making my coupon worth $1.

*My final price for the Spray and wash was $0.50

*Using coupons and shopping while items are on sale saved me $2.49

Crystal Light Drink Mix $1.99–Regular price $3.99
**I used (5) Free Crystal Light Skin Essentials wyb (2) Crystal Light Drink Mix (value up to $3.50) printable (I got a rain check for the missing 2)
**I used (3) $2 off 2 Crystal Light Powdered Drink product printable
**I used (4) $1 off 1 Crystal Light Powdered Drink Mix Product, printable#1 and printable#2
(use w/ **FREE printable–makes it $0.50 ea)

*Price before coupons and sale $3.99 x 15= $59.85
*Price after coupons and sale= $7.50 or $0.50 each
*Using coupons and shopping while items are on sale saved me $52.35

Finally, I had gotten lazy about unplugging items when they are not in use and have seen the results on my electricity bill. This week my family has recomitted themselves to unplugging items when we are done using them.

Here is a list of things that we unplug…

Power strip that holds the plugs for our X box, 67 inch television, stereo, DVD player and Digital Converter box


Washer and Dryer

I hope that some of these tips were helpful in getting you closer to reducing your costs.
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4 thoughts on “Money Saving Methods

  1. I so love this! I am a fanatic about unplugging electronics while not in use. The one issue I have is my washer and dryer… cause I cannot reach them! It pains me, lol!

    I wish more people realized how MUCH electricity ALL appliances (even the coffee maker) drain even when they are turned off.

    Good post!


  2. I bought 4 Fantastic this week, too for 25c each! Like the cheap cleaning supplies!!

    I had a frustrating thing happen at Walgreens today. I wonder if you or any readers have any experience w/ this. I wanted to buy Cutter Insect Repellent on clearance for $3.85 and use a $2 off any Cutter product Q. The coupon beeped, and the cashier and the manager both said there wasn’t any way they could accept the coupon if the machine beeps.


  3. Duckygirl says:

    I agree that unplugging things will lower your bill and some things make sense (like the microwave because it has a digital clock) but why the washer & dryer? Do they really use electricity when they aren't in use?



  4. HI Proverb's Wife,
    You mentioned on a comment on my blog about looking for a sale on trash bags. I just thought I'd mention that the Rite-Aid stores around here have some size boxes of Hefty trash bags clearanced at 50% off. I know they are kind of high at reg. price but with half off and the Hefty coupons out there you might find a deal. I picked up some tall kitchen trash bags yesterday at a Rite-Aid here for a good stocking up price w/the sale & coupons. Just thought this might help.


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