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Summer Freezer Meals

Are you looking for ways to reduce your time spent cooking? The easiest way to reduce cooking time is to increase how much you cook each time you prepare a meal. Most meat recipes can be easily doubled or even tripled.

We have two grills, the large one pictured above and a smaller one. Whenever I want to get ahead in my cooking I use a Spring or Summer holiday to do so.

This past Memorial Day allowed me to cook enough meat to last for (2) meals for my family. This grill claims to be able to hold up to (50) burgers. I have never made (50) burgers but I have made sure to plan to put as much meat on it as possible once it’s fired up.

Here are some possibilities:

~Grilled whole Chicken: Just substitute the beer in this recipe for red wine vinegar and soy sauce, apple juice or any liquid to keep the chicken moist and add flavor.

~Hot Dogs or Sausages


~Most marinated beef or pork

~Chicken legs, thighs or breasts

~Some seafood’s

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2 thoughts on “Summer Freezer Meals

  1. Another great idea! Things like sausages, hotdogs and hamburger patties heat up so well too. I'll have to try that the next time we fire up the grill. Since there are only two of us in our household it always seemed like such a waste to fire up the grill for two hamburgers or two chicken breasts. Oh I am so excited now!


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