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What is a Publix Mystery Item?

Nearly every week, normally on Sunday and Monday, Publix offers one item for 1¢ when you spend $10 or more (before tax and other coupons).

Where is it offered?

Only at Publix grocery stores in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. It is currently not available in Florida.

Where is the coupon?

You can find the Mystery Coupon in a Publix ad or flyer in the Sunday newspaper. However, the cashiers will usually give you the discount without the coupon (you may need to remind them to key in the discount). However, more stores have started requiring you present the coupon. If you forget to bring it, they have usually said you can go ahead and buy the penny item, and show your receipt and the coupon to the CS desk on your next visit to receive a refund.

Do all stores have the same item?

The Mystery Penny item is typically the same at all participating stores, but it’s not uncommon for some stores to have a completely different item. Stores also sometimes switch to a different item over the course of the two days — either a similar item from a different brand, or something entirely different. “Your mileage may vary”

If the store you visit does have something different, check your receipt — it will usually still show the credit as the intended item. For example, if most stores had salad dressing but yours had soda, the receipt will still list the coupon credit as “salad dressing” for an amount 1¢ less than the price of the soda.

Items which don’t count towards your $10 total: alcohol products, money orders, postage stamps, gift cards, prescriptions

Limit one deal per coupon per customer

Answers to these frequently asked questions are courtesy of HCW.

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