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Redefining Beautiful


Product/Book Name: Redefining Beautiful by Jenna Lucado

Price: $12.99

Put out by: Thomas Nelson

Age Group This Product is for: Teen girls, 12 – 17

I was given the opportunity to review Jenna Lucado’s new book titled Redefining Beautiful and I must say that it’s a winner with my 15 year old daughter.

When I first opened the package the book came in my kids were gathered around me. I pulled out the book and my daughter is peeked over my shoulder asking “Is that for me”? She immediately wanted to read it the same day it was received and is enjoying it. The book has a nice shade of aqua blue with a silver mirror on the front. Inside the mirror is the title of the book Redefining Beautiful; which I guess gives away the whole book already. Redefining Beautiful is a paperback book but if given to your daughter at the appropriate age, and handled with care; I am sure it will see itself through many generations.

The focus of the short stories and activities are to change the child’s perspective on how they see themselves. The world’s idea of beautiful is very distorted when trying to compare it to a biblical view of beauty. Jenna walks girls through the story and tells them a little about herself. The questions are there to help the children examine themselves and see the areas they need to grow in.

My daughter really enjoys it. Whenever she has time I can find her reading and answering the questions in her book. I want to thank Jenna and Max Lucado for giving my daughter the opportunity to own a copy of their book. It is great for the growing of her mind and spiritual walk. I am very happy that it is Christian based, so that my teen can enjoy it and grow into a Godly woman at the same time.
I would recommend this book. It is great for group discussions or book clubs. It can help girls to grow and to take the focus off of their physical beauty and look at what God has made and called them to be.

Redefining Beautiful is a must have for your 2009 Christmas list. Jenna and Max Lucado help young ladies reinforce a biblical view of themselves and encourages them to stop worrying about what the world thinks of them. I think the book is great and would be even better if it came in a matching journal and pen to answer the questions.

This is perfect for all tween/teen girls; Jenna and Max really nailed it down!

This review was written and edited in part by my 15 year old daughter.

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