A Proverbs Wife

24 Hour Reduced Swag Bucks Gift Card

$5 Fragrancenet.com Gift Card

Was 35 SB
Now 10 SB

Get $5 to spend at Fragrancenet.com  with this $5 Gift Card!
Note: Only one Gift Card may be used for each purchase

There are many items priced under around $5 on this site.

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2 thoughts on “24 Hour Reduced Swag Bucks Gift Card

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi Allergymama,

    I see what you are saying. When I visit the home page SB is still advertising the Fragrancenet.com as being on sale (on the HOME page), but it is no longer listed under the gift card section. They may have sold out.

    I will see what I can dig up.
    Thanks for the heads up. Please check back later on "A Proverbs Wife" main page for updates to this deal.


  2. Allergymama says:

    I don't see how to get the fragrance gift card from swagbucks, it's not listed under gift cards. Thanks for the tip though.


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